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Trail of Tears

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  • Cathrine Paulsen sings on this album,me thinks.
  • Tail Of Tears is GOTHIC METAL my first ever they kick A$$
  • Great Band!
  • huh, this band hasn't ceased to intrest me......yet, on each play time they get on my plays
  • who does the female vocals on this album - they're as sweet and delicious as vibeke steyn's (is there a higher compliment???)
  • Echt gute Band
  • hammer geil
  • I like this.. Have to hear more..
  • Ye Gods! What a song. It has so much power and emotion to it.
  • volume +++
  • volume ++
  • yes the rest of the album isn´t so good
  • One of their best
  • I was so sad to find out the rest of this album wasn't as good as this song :(
  • Upon my 7th listening to this I realize how much the drums stand out...and it's really good work.
  • The femme vox on this track are amazing.
  • pretty smeggin brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty good.
  • Pretty durn good I must say.
  • de luuxxxx..!!!!
  • cool intro
  • yayayayay
  • ♫♪♫♪♫♪♪♫♪♫♪
  • http://www.lastfm.es/group/Gothic+Latinoamerica, SI QUIEREN UNIRSE...GOTHIC LATINOAMERICA
  • *_*
  • voces angelicales con voces guturales es algo extraordinario, super
  • niiice
  • wow!!
  • love this melody
  • оО
  • great song
  • I love this song!! buenisimos
  • so so deep!
  • great song!
  • So lovely. I saw these guys not too long ago. One of my favorite concerts ever. They don't have many fans in Texas, so it was tiny, but the crowd was wild. I got to sing into the microphone.
  • buenisimo...
  • Very nice song :-)
  • great song
  • Masterpiece
  • <3
  • WOW ME LATE YEAH!!!!!!!11
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