• How I Met: Tracy Chapman

    27 Aug 2012, 22:57 by ABarda

    I'll start off talking about my favorite singer. I don't know many people around my age who know who Tracy Chapman is, and I have never met a Tracy Chapman fan. Which is a pity, because she's one of the most fantastic singers in this world, and her songs are really interesting: sometimes the melody is really simple -so simple, that I am able to play some of them, and I'm a terrible guitar player- and yet, she creates a song that's magical.
    The first time I listened to Tracy Chapman, I was a "victim" of this magical effect her songs have. I remember it was November, 2009, a lazy Sunday morning and there was nothing interesting on TV, so I decided to leave it on MTV, because, well, I like music. After some songs that didn't interest me, they started with the videoclip for Tracy Chapman's Sing to you, from her 2008 album, Our Bright Future. I'll tell you the truth: I didn't register much of the song while I was listening to it for the first time. …
  • Tracy Chapman

    6 May 2009, 17:58 by HedwigsInTheBox

    is flipping mind-blowingly, amazingly great. seriously.

    i had always heard "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason" among another or two growing up, thanks to my mom. i'd always loved them. even when i was a kid and had no idea what she was really saying. then i got a little older and some of the things she said resonated with me. then i got a little older even and kind of forgot about her. yeah, stupid, huh? totally. so then, i got even older and decided to delve in again, this time fully. entire discography in hand, i got tracy-fied.

    so basically, long story short - Tracy Chapman is AMAZING.
    only, i feel like "amazing" doesn't really even begin to cover it. normally i would look up another word that i felt was proper, but it really doesn't matter. because no matter the word, it's not going to do tracy chapman justice. there is no word for this. i am drop dead so serious.

    point #1: HER LYRICS!!!!!
  • Girls who want fun without taking their clothes off are trying to kill me!!!

    1 Oct 2007, 21:18 by Misfit91

    You probably know the drill, but in case you don't, here's what you do:
    Put your music player on shuffle and use the songs that come up as the answers to the following questions.

    1. What will you think when you give birth to your first child?
    Blitzkrieg Bop
    The first second after I give birth to my first child "Blitzkrieg Bop!" we'll....that makes sense...

    2. What will be on top of your list of wishes to Santa Claus this year?
    Do I get one or become one?

    3. What will be tomorrow's news headline ?
    Bling (Confession of a King)
    Sounds interesting!

    4. Why would your neighbor want to sell you on eBay?
    Because I'm Delicate, or they are?...wait...that don't make sense!

    5. What will your best friend say at your funeral?
    X-Amount of Words

    6. You just won 1 million pounds in the lottery. What will you buy?
    Wow, sounds worth it!

    7. If you could travel though time, where would you end up?
    Demolition Drive
    I dont really like the sound of that place.