• To Do List

    16 Jan 2010, 18:15 by ellamcc

    Fix the "not scrobbled" tags now that the issue is fixed. Not sure why, but somehow has full blocks of time/days that it didn't pick up from my iPod or Foobar a while ago. Hence my huge majority of "Not Scrobbled" tags that I'm trying to clean up. I think I was unplugging the iPod too soon. I've stopped doing that. Figure out if I can import the playlist I created to at least my iPhone, if nothing else. Otherwise, that was a rather pointless exercise, now, wasn't it.Figure out how to make work best for me. I don't want this to be the only place I listen to music, that wasn't the point. Don't want to have to comb through all sorts of crap to remember what I want to buy, listen to again, need to replace... This is probably a major tagging effort that I should have thought of before randomly joining and adding tags more randomly.
    n.p. The One, from Tracy Bonham's The Burdens Of Being Upright -- WOW, it's been a long time since I heard this. I used to own a cassette tape of this CD. …