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  • Avatar for griinrifu
    i like my comment from 6 years ago, i was onto something
  • Avatar for Behnamnw
    sounds good
  • Avatar for Khosani
    The City Sleeps is a damn good listen
  • Avatar for TrebuchetUK
    Caned it at the Cambridge Rock Festival:
  • Avatar for SmokinWickerman
    Heard of them for 4 years now but finally tried them out and got into them :)
  • Avatar for Sanguine_Sky
    Nice new album :-)
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    New album is amazing, possible aoty for me.
  • Avatar for Blue_Fatty
    Great band, can't get enough ;)
  • Avatar for samlewis45
    New album 'The City Sleeps' to be released on Oct 10th 2011 :)
  • Avatar for griinrifu
    Some of their songs sound like metal covers of pop songs!
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    Do I luv this prog band :)
  • Avatar for adg211288
    @HippyDave, I have noticed this also, on many artists. I've had to turn off my auto-corrections just to have my library organised. So I second that people need to start voting for correct changes. How were all these errors allowed to get on the system anyway?
  • Avatar for HippyDave
    I've noticed that some muppet somewhere has set "Joker In The Pack" to scrobble incorrectly as 'Joker In The Park'! This is especially annoying for the band, as they've been offering the track as a free download for a limited period following its appearance on the latest 'Classic Rock presents Prog' magazine cover disc! If you're scrobbling this track, please can you click on the little green star that shows up next to the incorrect title on your list of scrobbled tracks and click on the 'Flag this' message that appears on the screen that comes up. If enough Touchstone fans do this, then Last FM will remove the incorrect auto-correction.
  • Avatar for adg211288
    I agree with GrantRS, very debatable. If you have to tag them with something then heavy prog springs to mind, though prog archives says crossover prog, whatever that means...maybe someone will drop by my profile and enlighten me.
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    Awesome vox
  • Avatar for GrantRS
    That's kind of debatable. Some tracks don't have a trace of metal, but others (Wintercoast, Zinomorph, The Witness) have (IMO) quite a bit. Easiest just to say [tag]prog[/tag]
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    That's cause they aren't metal...
  • Avatar for clairvoyantu
    Nice, a female fronted metalband that doesn't try to sound like nightwish.
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    This band is the definition of underrated, excellent music.
  • Avatar for GrantRS
    Largely thanks to Classic Rock magazine and their accompanying website I managed to accumulate three free tracks from this band (two of which are now free here). Gradually I realised that I kept coming back to those tracks again and again so I've finally given in and ordered Wintercoast through their website.
  • Avatar for jenkins1711
    Great band - They've really taken a step forwards with "Wintercoast" which actually got a great review in Classic Rock magazine last month from none other than Geoff Barton!!! While they are generally tagged as "prog" these guys (and girl) have a hard rock sound on quite a few tracks and with the strong female vocal some tracks even remind me of some european symphonic/goth metal acts. Hope they get on the road in the UK soon and get to play a few rock clubs as well as the folksy/prog scene. Check out the website at which has a much better biography than that listed here.
  • Avatar for gr8gonzo
    Video for "Strange Days"
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    I'm listening to Wintercoast atm, very good stuff.
  • Avatar for PsychoC
  • Avatar for rogergrow
    hello Touchstone!!!
  • Avatar for Arikara_Lakota
    Awesome sauce!!
  • Avatar for HippyDave
    Well said, Elkie! :-) OK, magic wand duly waved... fill yer boots, folks!
  • Avatar for elkietouchstone
    Yeah, I've just reaslised saying 'our' page when the others blatantly got here first may have been a misuse of words. I think 'our; now constitutes a much larger group. Wave the magic wand Dave! ;) Ah well, we'll get some prog bands into folk and folk bands into prog! What better way to expand people's musical horizons?!
  • Avatar for HippyDave
    I think it's high time I tackled this... It's good to share! ;-)
  • Avatar for Bodach_a_Deas
    In fact the page is for both! Viewing 'your' photo in my page is also disturbing, trust me.
  • Avatar for elkietouchstone
    As much as I'm sure the 'other' Touchstone are lovely, I'm thinking having their albums on our page might be somewhat of a red herring!
  • Avatar for Kokuei
    Yay! Going to see them at The Horn this Thursday with the secretary massive from work hah hah. Going to be good fun!
  • Avatar for Kokuei
    Totally terrific!
  • Avatar for Davie_UCF
    New album is great!
  • Avatar for Davie_UCF
    I really quite like their more hard prog sound!

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