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  • Rubberbandman16

    The Sweetest Victory is great, remember it from Rocky 4

    September 2014
  • futurolvidado

    1960s Touch is incredible.(2)

    December 2013
  • HorrorChemical

    Touch. These are not touch.

    June 2012
  • ilpleutamourir

    1960s Touch is incredible.

    April 2012
  • iconan

    A spectacular mix, a magical whirlwind of sounds and colors, a pleasure that is renewed at every listening. -.-.-.-. om hari om .....

    March 2012
  • HorrorChemical

    The REAL Touch is cuming.......soon

    July 2011
  • Fidel_Kastro

    Sermon -WTF? fucking song. It isn't hard rock. It's garbage. Realy song is The Sweetest Victory ( Killin' Me and other - canadian hip hop (3) I think, there are many different groups with the same name Говнище. Намешали в кучу разных групп. Сладчайшая победа одна нормальная песня. Всё остальное - колхозный реп. Автора первой песни надеюсь за меня уже выдрали в жопу.

    May 2011
  • jennahoo

    I use their hangul name 터치 instead of Touch as artist name, you should do so too. [2]

    May 2011
  • trickboy


    April 2011
  • SwavaG

    Killin' Me is one my fave k-pop songss! xD

    February 2011
  • BlackkButterfly

    I guess that would be better. yeah.

    October 2010
  • paillus

    I use their hangul name 터치 instead of Touch as artist name, you should do so too.

    October 2010
  • BlackkButterfly

    PS: I really love "Killin' me" :D they should promote that instead of "I/Me" :D

    October 2010
  • BlackkButterfly

    added a picture of the kpop TOUCH : vote for it XD :D and if you have more pictures of them, upload them and lets make them dominate XD lol . I'm assuming this will be the right tag for TOUCH ?

    October 2010
  • nixego


    August 2009
  • flashbleu

    I think there were 2 psychedelic bands called Touch from the US. One was the band who released the 1968 album - quite intricate and proggy - and the other was a more rock styled band who did an album called Street Suite. Not surprised the name has been used lots of times since.

    January 2008
  • Acidflux

    This picture of some pretty boy band is not the Touch I am listening to. The album I have came out in 1968, and is revolutionary. Someone please update this, I don't want that pretty boy band on my Last.Fm.

    March 2007
  • parrymason

    as usual... of course there is no clue about progressive rock band Touch and their 1968 self-titled album.

    March 2007
  • Karshmar

    i love the song ljubi menja po francuzski...i wish i could find out where to download it!! :S

    February 2007