• ________.

    6 Jun 2006, 17:08 by Peculiar


    this band is so fucking good.

    the new Envy album disappoints me.

    i've been listening to a lot of Totalitär lately. thank you jonluc.

    on the 16th Life at These Speeds is playing a show in portland, and then they're off to the east coast.
    i am going to pay 4 dollars, perhaps my breasts, lungs and three fingers to see them. i will be there no matter what.

    also, my dad comes home tomorrow, that is rad.
    on friday:
    Lady Sovereign versus The Fall of Troy versus staying in bed all day and catching up with my dad, and helping my mom who is sick!

    we'll see.
    i could
    pay 12 bucks
    or 20 bucks
    and have a lot of fun
    or 0 dollars
    and have some good family time.