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  • StrictlyStupid

    sick album. I was a little turned off by Anything in Return to be honest, but I'm glad I gave this a shot.

    last week
  • lethalimpulse

    his best album

    July 2014
  • lost1in1death

    (beds proceed to shake)

    July 2014
  • sour7

    why is his other shit not like this smh .

    May 2014
  • Noxatron

    hey just me back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! up to 1,003 scrobbles of this album so what the fuck is up??????? MY PLAYCOUNT DUH

    May 2014
  • musiikkionelo

    i will always love this album [3] classic

    November 2013
  • crosscables

    i will always love this album [2]

    August 2013
  • Danerrrx

    this is better than donuts.

    February 2013
  • threebright

    should re-name this record to: Music to Fuck to ...

    December 2012
  • PinkFloydrulez

    i get so many night vibes off of this so many obscure memories come out

    November 2012
  • davygrohl

    one of my favorite albums ever. utterly delectable.

    October 2012
  • CapnQueefheart

    I just love this.

    September 2012
  • Noxatron

    don't shuffle this album pls

    September 2012
  • ABattleofOne

    One of the most perfect albums ever

    September 2012
  • PinkFloydrulez

    this album is so late night

    September 2012
  • Noxatron

    461 scrobbles smd haters

    August 2012
  • Noxatron

    i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i will always love this album aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    August 2012
  • rafinha91

    I cannot describe what I feel when I put this album on. Chiiiiiiiiiillllllll

    July 2012
  • indiegolfer

    really underrated album

    April 2012
  • DjGiz

    Wow, really nice!

    April 2012
  • davygrohl

    literally one of my favorite albums ever :)

    March 2012
  • emperorliu

    still one of my favorite albums

    December 2011
  • snoocheboochies

    greatest thing ever

    September 2011
  • tearaway_Tea

    I like this! =)

    August 2011
  • garfieldMulder

    the first 15 seconds sets the tone...

    August 2011
  • bluhak

    i fell in love with this all over again

    June 2011
  • Solidusgear


    April 2011
  • kbabeatbox


    February 2011
  • philippakis

    The transition between Freak Love and Talamak (L)

    January 2011
  • chaosbeats64


    January 2011
  • r4gejustine

    dizzz duuuude <3

    October 2010
  • mousewaves

    this hs been my favorite album since 2009. i love this shit

    August 2010
  • vibracobra

    so good

    July 2010
  • AmNeSiaC_n

    So good~ especially in summer <3

    July 2010
  • punkasss

    chill shit here

    June 2010
  • Swbice

    Balls deep in this album.

    May 2010
  • kmonoarfa


    January 2010
  • setta_1


    December 2009
  • kalbarofficial


    November 2009
  • Octagon88


    November 2009
  • dorzip

    omg this is so good

    November 2009