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  • I like it.
  • Yea, the band has existed last time in the eighties.. about 20 years (!) ago and only one album was released, so how the hell could they be popular? And who even cares about it..
  • Dis is a story abut Elisabeth Bathory...
  • Anno Domini is heroic.
  • So ugh, how bout that Kreator demo?
  • Damned grave - The dance of swords - Branded by Satan. catchy as hell!
  • Great band.
  • Because nowadays people think that Dimmu Borgir is black metal, Gorgoroth is soooo kvlt and underground, and that Nightwish is a good piece of metal : /.
  • This is fuckin' amazing! Why they aren't so much popular?
  • Yes. Intellectual barbarians are so much cooler... oh wait.
  • Grandi Tormentor
  • I finally bought Anno Domini...after all these years! And straight from Attilla too!
  • The demo name is written wrong. Its name was 7th Day Of The Doom. That grammatical error is written in history. It's a shame to write it correctly.
  • and..come on, delete this pic already, geez
  • here you can get anno domini: www.no-colours-records.de I think this is the re-release...don't know; I will when I get it
  • PUSSIES! The German Tormentor of the picture, hahahah...
  • I was totally into pieces, and i almost did buy it at the Mayhem concert last year, but at the final moment i realised what im doing, and that i havent got any more money for the train if i buy it ,)
  • Elisabeth Bathory..how expected :-P So is there any REAL fans of Tormentor who owns the e.p Anno Domini too?
  • grimm


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