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There are a number of artists with the name Tormenta:

1) Tormenta started with Dhai (drums) Lai (guitar) wanting to form a band playing the music of the
greats such as, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura, etc. Practicing with other local metal bands
like Locura and Serenity Dies, the search for lead guitarist, bass and vocals was on. Various musicians jammed with them but never clicked with the duo. Mabi (guitar) joined the band through the help of Chippe’ (Serenity Dies), sharing the same dream as Lai n Dhai, Tormenta grew strong. All the while Mu-k (Locura drummer) did vocals for a few practice sessions just for the fun it. At the time A.D (Phormentera) was filling in for vocals and only the position of bass was open. Bringing in the heavily Iron maiden influenced Riley (Ex-Delirium XIII Bassist) into a heavier, faster music, Tormenta started to practice for their first debut show(Anti-drug campaign show June 29th, 2006) with Mu-k as guests to play covers of Sepultura. On stage when Mu-k went up, it felt right and the rest of the band felt that this was the beginning of TORMENTA.

Concentrating mostly on covers from many different bands, Tormenta made it a point to renew their
repertoire for each show. The idea of originals was always there but to make the connections with
each member stronger these thoughts were put to a halt through the first year. The views of genre
in music Tormenta was to make was never a question although each band members thoughts were
different. Dhai bringing in Slayer influenced drum works, Lai and Mabi creating notorious riff works and solos of that of Metallica, Megadeth and Lamb of god. Riley bringing in the grinding bass lines influenced by Iron Maiden and to top it up, Mu-k created his Sepultura sound to front the band Tormenta’s music would be described as NEW AGE THRASH METAL. But from the start of 2008, due to the lack of practice room and other reasons Tormenta had to take a break and this delayed the album work.

Tormenta United on 2009,but this time with a lineup change. Heavily influenced from the great thrash pioneers J355y accepted his oath to fullfill on the bass as Riley departed. With a lot of hard work and overcoming lot of obstacles during the course, Tormenta released there first album “Tormented Souls” on April 30, 2010.

(copied from their ReverbNation bio)

2)Tormenta singer and songwriter from Argentina (born Liliana Esther Maturano), she started writtin at the age 15, and has toured globally. She started her professional career early in the 70's and became an important and influential artist of the latin american pop culture.

3)A Tormenta é originária da cidade de Ribeirão Preto, interior de São Paulo, onde nos idos anos de 1998 sua semente foi plantada por garotos no ímpeto de tocar e criar música pesada a qualquer custo.

Através dos anos, a banda cresceu e evoluiu com dedicação e paciência. Nesse período, vários músicos chegaram e partiram, e após dois anos sem atividades, a Tormenta voltou à ativa em 2005.

Executando um thrash metal de influências oitentistas e cantado em português, em 2006 lançou seu primeiro trabalho, o EP “Tormenta”.

Rogener Pavinski - Voz e guitarra
Flávio Santana - Guitarra
Fernando “Muttley” - Baixo
Ricardo Minutti - Bateria

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4)With two muscular guitars and a drummer who used to be in Cheval De Frise, Tormenta reinvents metal and throws it into another dimension.

Vincent Beysselance : Drums, Cello, Bass
Jeff Grimal : Guitar, Bass
Esteban Rodière : Guitar, Bass

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