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Tori Amos

Teenage Hustling (3:59)


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  • Awesome rock song, but I still think she should've hired an actual rock producer and guitarist for the rock songs from ADP because it always feels like it's trying, but not quite there
  • i don't mind a dirty girl
  • You better know, you better know, you better FUCKING KNOW, FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING JERK.
  • nice song
  • I love this song so fucking much.
  • This song is great, but it sounds even better live :) Nice to hear Tori rock out once in a while.
  • this is the album version..
  • Loud and messy. Love it. :D
  • I know a lot of people hate Tori when she rocks out, but this is one of her best tracks.
  • well, I just lost my mind jumping around to this in my room.
  • This is better than the album version... can anyone else hear it?
  • Love Tori!
  • Just found out today that Tori is coming to Perth!!!
  • This track makse me want to use symbol <3
  • I adore Tori
  • :D I got the shirt of this song from the concert! I dont mind a dirty girl! ;-)
  • : )
  • my favourite tori's song
  • she rocks, she's hot....what more can you ask for.
  • you better know!
  • brilliant
  • I love this. Then i didn't. Then i did. Then i didn't. And now i love it again.
  • i love her!
  • Lol @ Jono below.
  • very Rock. great ;)
  • Well you've been skankin' around with yo' taylentless traysh!
  • I'm at your door :D
  • Could this song be any more addicting??
  • I love when she says I'm At Your Door. Imattcha derr. <3 haha :)
  • Vicious. I love it<3
  • you've been skanking around with your talentless trash you only shoot blanks at your cocksure best...
  • I love it the more I listen to it
  • Love this song so much! Pip is my heroine <3
  • <3 this song.
  • I'm in love with these guitars. Makes me wish a full rock'n'roll album from Tori.
  • i agree with most people here that this is the best song on ADP and the only one different from most of her stuff lately
  • so far, my favorite off the new album =]
  • You're such a dirrrrty girl, Tori! <3
  • This song Kicks ass!!!! Maybe the riddle of this accident Goes back to your gossip With a ferocious strategy You play wounded in his cockpit But I think that you forgot my days Of Teenage Hustling You better know you better know you better know
  • idk about u guys, but i like hearing im a jew girl instead of im at your door
  • love this one <3
  • This song is fucking incredible.
  • OH GOSH, the best from ADP!
  • Wow, I love this song. <3
  • oh god, she's really back. makes me forget all these 8 years of mediocrity.
  • (LLLLL...
  • Fuck yes.
  • Ohh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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