• The Fox Theater in Hotlanta

    18 Nov 2007, 23:40 by dryadic

    Wed 14 Nov – Tori Amos

    As from my blog, memoir. You can see the setlist @ undented.

    We sit outside the Landmark Diner, bellies full, biding our time. Amazing what one day can do to the air. I smoke like it's my last waking moments.

    We shuffled into the Fox early, passing the merch table and the alcohol, upstairs to seats that I fell in love with. Balcony is usually frowned upon, but the balcony extends rather far at the Fox and the seats staggered enough to where even a giant cannot block the view. Let me also state for the record, that I have never, ever, sat in a seat in such an establishment to where my ass actually fitted perfectly. Had the feeling in my rear not expired by the time we passed the Georgia line, I would have enjoyed it much more than I did. But alas.

    Yoav caught a lite sneeze. Aww, the adorable Tori jokes. He's fitting right in.

    Hotlanta saw the rise of Santa, who I found more enjoyable than my favorite Posse doll, Clyde, who appeared the night before. …
  • Top 10 Tori Amos B-sides

    6 Mar 2007, 09:07 by vargas_girl

    It amazes me how many wonderful B-sides Tori Amos has put out. Some of the b-side material is FAR better than other musician's A-game tracks (Ahemm....I talking about you Vanessa Carlton, the girl who has taken the female piano player thing into the mediocre hell it has become). I know that most Tori fans have all her albums as they should (even The Beekeeper has a few decent tracks like Hoochie Woman and General Joy) but I wonder if some of her best material is being left undiscovered. I know I had to do some serious searching to find her B-side material, but it was well worth it. I thought I'd compile my top ten Tori Amos b-sides and I was hoping all of you readers could do the same.

    1.Honey found on the single Pretty Good Year (Under the Pink)

    2.Never Seen Blue off the single for Jackie's Strength (From the Choirgirl Hotel)

    3.Here. In My Head off the Crucify (Little Earthquakes)

    4.Upside Down off the single for Winter (Little Earthquakes)

    5.Smells Like Teen Spirit off the Crucify (Little Earthquakes)