• Tori Amos Night of Hunters tour Amsterdam Carré (17 October 2011)

    3 Nov 2011, 20:34 by irisvanhoorn

    Although it's already more than 2 weeks ago I would still like to tell you something about my experience during the latest Tori Amos concert in Amsterdam Carré on 17 October 2011. It was amazing, breathtaking and beautiful. I have laughed and cried, although I had this kind of stupid smile on my face the whole time! Come on... who needs drugs when we have Tori Amos?! Together with four amazing string-players who were playing like their lives were depending on it. Yes it was amazing, such a lot of songs. I've never experienced anything that can compare to this, so I hope she will visit The Netherlands again some day soon.

    Opener was Shattering Sea from her new album Night of Hunters which was her opening track for all of her concerts during this tour. I really liked the wildness and the kind of anger in her performance. Also the string arrangements were somewhat different from the album version and very great.

  • One of the best Tori I experienced in nearly 10 years

    1 Oct 2009, 12:25 by verdena

    Wed 30 Sep – Tori Amos Sinful Attraction Tour

    I didn't see her live in the 90s... and that'll be always a huge loss for me and a deep regret, cause she was raging the stage at that time and probably because that was the era I started to love Tori as much as I do nowadays. With such a background as "Little Earthquakes" or "Under The Pink" or "Pele" and in such a deep, somehow frustrating, thoughtful, dramatic and consequently (paradoxically) productive and intense period as "Choirgirl Hotel" era was, you can easily understand how much I'd love to turn back the hands of time and allow myself to experience that Tori at that time.

    I listened to Abnormally Attracted To Sin very few times.. you can easily check how many in my profile, and for the first time ever I was going to see her live with such a low, very low expectation. These long epic albums she's recently doing, exception made for Scarlet's Walk (which I totally adore!), made my interest every year weaker and weaker. …
  • Tori Gives!

    15 Jul 2009, 01:48 by melanchanted

    Mon 13 Jul – Tori Amos
    Tori was amazing last night! She played a lot of songs from her new album, some ofwhich had left me pretty cold. I expected that some would sound better live--like Fast Horse, which was incredible. But even Police Me was good!

    She opened with Give, which (I love and) set the mood for the night. Then she went into Siren, which I''ve been dying to see live--although I prefer a slower tempo on it.

    She came out with tons of energy and kept it up all night. It's just not the same from the balcony, which is where I was last time--I'm never doing that again!

    I'm out of time, but check out her awesome cover of Baby One More Time. Who else can make Britney sound talented? And deep?

    At one point a woman screamed "I wanna be your piano!" Word.
  • Uncharted - - January 1st - 6th, 2009

    8 Jan 2009, 13:05 by aquadonia

    Okay. I only have access to this computer and my MP3's a couple times a week (I am computerless at home), and since I'm too poor for an iPod, I listen to CD's at home or on my Discman when I'm not around. (Yes. I said Discman. :oP) This naturally means that there is a lot of music that goes unaccounted for, or uncharted, here on my Last FM profile.

    I decided that I'd start keeping track of what I listened to when I'm away and post about it in a weekly journal. As I track what I listen to, I try to mark the approximate start time of when I began listening to something. So far, I've been pretty good with this, but I'm on my first week. We'll see how well I keep up with that, or any of this, by March 1st. LOL

    Anyway, without further ado, the first installment of...


    Week 1 - January 1st - 6th, 2009

    January 1st

    [9:30-ish PM : The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina/The Machines of God

    *Note: Listened to track 3, Stand Inside Your Love, twice in a row before moving on to track 4 and the rest of the album. …
  • Getting in-depth about my exceptional Top 4.

    7 Oct 2008, 22:16 by absolia

    Tori Amos

    Favourite track: Changes often, but Precious Things is probably the ~*ultimate*~ Tori song.
    Least favorite track: Barring anything on The Beekeeper, which might as well not exist, I'd have to say Flying Dutchman.
    Happy song: Secret Spell
    Sad song: "Sad" is an understatement, but Me and a Gun is pretty jarring on the sad side of the spectrum of emotions
    If a song had to be played when you entered the room, it would be: Datura
    First song you heard: Crucify, when it was a new single on the radio. I loved it.
    Last song you listened to: Listening to Caught a Lite Sneeze at the moment.
    Best album: Boys for Pele, no contest.
    Worst album: The Beekeeper
    Best live song: The Waitress
    Song that describes you: I think the stock answer for most would be Precious Things.
    Song for your funeral: Mother is the first song that came to mind.
    Most overrated song: Siren-- I don't get the hype. At all.
    Most underrated song: Marianne
  • 20 years of doggin

    1 Oct 2008, 16:01 by fakehead

  • Down the Mountain @ Ovens in Charlotte

    17 Nov 2007, 04:03 by dryadic

    Tue 13 Nov – Posse Tour

    As from my blog, memoir. You can see the setlist @ undented.

    It’s surprisingly warm for almost-mid November. I fiddle with my hair as I look around, wishing I had brought something to pin it up with. On my left is my secret wife. On my right, my adoptive child. In front of us, a theater. Smoke and a piano haunt the air. So very hard to believe it’s Tori time again. So very hard to believe I am sharing it with the loves of my life. Every second seems surreal, and I relish it.

    Dear Yoav. You are a darling. You need your own tour. I would come to see you, your guitar, and bare feet, anytime.

    There is something other-wordly about this woman and her piano. I have never been able to conjure the correct words. The music, the atomsphere she creates, it fills my mind and sends me elsewhere. She’s full of… fire. Just as she said our kind are. These Carolina hills give you a special fire. Songs I never thought I would hear appeared. …
  • Tori Amos is a MILF

    28 Sep 2007, 12:02 by phildev

    Tori Amos absolutely tore the roof of the Perth Concert Hall last night.

    Pip opened the show with a very confronting take on Cruel exactly like the warrior woman you would expect. She continued with Bliss, Fat Slut, Smokey Joe, Teenage Hustling and concluded her opening set with The Waitress and then left the stage after giving us the finger and a flash of her behind - in some incredibly tight pants. Hot!

    Jon and Matt jammed over a new take on the famous Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Remix) before Tori arrived on stage in a rather unflattering sparkly jumpsuit more worthy of Debbie Reynolds than the incredible creature in front of us. I will say that her wig however was flawless. Tori began her set with a knee-slappin' Big Wheel and then proceeded to tear through some of her most classic fan favourites with Crucify, Sugar, Cornflake Girl and Bells for Her. We were then treated to one of my personal favourites which I never dreamed I would get to see live, Siren. Absolute perfection!
  • Top Ten Game (Lifted from a random journal.)

    16 Jul 2007, 21:47 by aquadonia

  • Her Posse Can Do: Tori Amos, Manchester Apollo - 5th July 2007

    9 Jul 2007, 21:20 by FutureLove

    Seeing Tori Amos live is like a religious experience. You truly feel like you are in the presence of an otherworldly Being when you watch her perform. So it’s no surprise that the atmosphere at the Manchester Apollo was one of almost religious ecstasy. People of all ages and walks of life – rockers, Goths, gays, students, frat boys, girlies, lesbians, married couples – were all preparing to worship at the church of St Amos, in town to promote her fantastic new album American Doll Posse, an exploration of the female psyche from a Greek mythological perspective. Despite its lowly chart position, it’s emerging as one of her greatest and best-loved albums, a return to the visceral, fiery Amos of the late 90s, but this time the piano is complimented by a white wall of electric guitar. I won’t attempt to review the album as I could never do it justice – reviews are never a substitute for experience – but THESE GUYS did a pretty fantastic job.