• Tori Amos & my OMGLOVEs

    29 Jul 2010, 19:26 by SoapMagic


    Above all, there are few musicians that I put on the same level as Tori. She's very important to me & I consider her a role model. Anyways, she gets the honor of being first in my OMGLOVEs series, where I pick ten songs from some artist/band that I just love. So...here it is.

    Tear in Your Hand

    What can I say? The instrumentation is beautiful. I love how she manages to make this breakup song sound like the complete opposite. A bit of lyrical dissonance. Oh and that moment where she sings "maybe it's time to wave goodbye now, time to wave goodbye now", and the pause comes...then BOOM! T comes back with full force. A great moment in her career.


    Marianne is one of the few songs that caused tears to roll down my face. The music is just. So. Sad. Especially the "hold down" part, the climax, and the end. She refers to Marianne as the "quickest girl in the frying pan". Her demise was inevitable. …
  • Portrait of my Tori obsession

    11 Feb 2009, 03:46 by luke_suspicious


    How did you get into Tori: she was brought into my life when a friend sent me her song 'Spark'.
    First song you heard: Spark
    Favourite track: Too many to name... but, for now, Cooling.
    Least favorite track: Big Wheel
    Happy song: I've always thought of Wednesday as being a really happy tune :)
    Sad song: Here. In My Head
    Crazy Song: Too many to name, too. I'll go with Space Dog, a little crazy pearl from one of her most underrated albums to date.
    If a song had to be played when you entered the room, it would be: Carbon
    Best album: I can see beauty in each and every one of her albums, so that's hard to answer... let's try my most listened album according to last.fm, To Venus and Back (a truly brilliant effort).
    Worst album: American Doll Posse
    Best live song: I've been going insane with live versions of She's Your Cocaine.
    Best cover: Hard to choose between American Pie and Angie... guess I won't be able to choose.
    Song that describes you: Liquid Diamonds
  • yup. it's a meme.

    20 Jun 2008, 14:59 by mirrah

    Ahahaha, this looks like fun & I'm shit bored.

    Hit it.



    How would you describe yourself: Black Butterfly. Heh. I guess I do tend to get all emo like that every once in a while.

    How would your friends describe you?: Just Like a Wall, yup, just like that. As in, shut-offish and cold, rather than solid and protective, I suppose.

    Your family?: Everybody's Got Their own Part To Play. Oh yeah. Especially if it's, like, a part in a silent movie. An angst-y silent movie. An angst-y, occasionally depressing silent movie.

    Are you generous?: Pandora's Aquarium, by which i suppose you mean I've a whole lotta snares, illusions & insanity locked up in a box AND I'm willing to share them.

    Do you have a short temper?: I Think I'm Paranoid. Quite.

    Are you a procrastinator?: Lea. Naturally, but i only procrastinate in style. Also, I'm several other unpleasant things according to this song.

  • The Fox Theater in Hotlanta

    18 Nov 2007, 23:40 by dryadic

    Wed 14 Nov – Tori Amos

    As from my blog, memoir. You can see the setlist @ undented.

    We sit outside the Landmark Diner, bellies full, biding our time. Amazing what one day can do to the air. I smoke like it's my last waking moments.

    We shuffled into the Fox early, passing the merch table and the alcohol, upstairs to seats that I fell in love with. Balcony is usually frowned upon, but the balcony extends rather far at the Fox and the seats staggered enough to where even a giant cannot block the view. Let me also state for the record, that I have never, ever, sat in a seat in such an establishment to where my ass actually fitted perfectly. Had the feeling in my rear not expired by the time we passed the Georgia line, I would have enjoyed it much more than I did. But alas.

    Yoav caught a lite sneeze. Aww, the adorable Tori jokes. He's fitting right in.

    Hotlanta saw the rise of Santa, who I found more enjoyable than my favorite Posse doll, Clyde, who appeared the night before. …
  • A music meme stolen from someone...

    9 Sep 2007, 11:23 by mortal_belleza

    01. How did you get into #31?
    Watching the movie Unfaithful. Correction, watching the trailer for the movie is how I got into them. There was a song called Nara on the trailer that just sucked me right into E.S. Posthumus. I can never get enough of their music.

    02. What was the first song you ever heard by #22?
    I've listened to Prince since I was a small child, so there's no telling what the first song I ever heard by him was. However, one of the songs that's in my earlier memories is probably Purple Rain.

    03. What's your favorite lyric by #41 ?
    From [track artist=Ani Difranco]Gravel[/track} by Ani DiFranco:

    I heard the sound of your bike/As your wheels hit the gravel/And your engine in the driveway, cutting off/I pushed through the screen door/And I stood out on the porch/Thinking fight, fight, fight, at all costs/But instead I let you in/Just like I've always done

    04. What is your favorite album by #49 ?
    Easy. Hybrid Theory

    05. How many albums by #13 do you own?
  • Top Ten Artists + Inspirational Dribble

    15 May 2007, 01:57 by britlovessims

    In a turn of random events, I have decided that my happiness would be fulfilled by copying Bonkywop and writing an entry on my top ten something or another.

    Seeing as I've had a last.fm account for a year and a few months I'd like to think that my charts are accurate. Of course they don't include my Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and general phase. This is fortunate.

    And while we're on the subject of phases, I'm going to tell you what led me to discovering . You're going to be amazed in so many ways that you'll question your sexuality.

    It was a dark and stormy night...

    Um. Scratch that. Basically I was at my aunt's place and her friend had the video which was a documentary on The Rolling Stones.

    At first I refused to watch it because I was stubborn, but then I did. And I was like for the first bit, but then Wild Horses came on. And since that moment I've evolved into a . =D

    Onward to my Top Ten Artists as they now stand.
  • am i weird?

    9 Apr 2007, 02:25 by selwyn

    I saw this at one of my neighbour's journal and I didn't have anything better to do, so :)

    "Get your top 20 artists, and find which of their tracks you've played the most on iTunes/Windows Media Player. Then see where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are...or something to that effect."

    1. Paper Bag - my favorite Fiona song of all time, so no wonder it is also my all time top played track. Not that weird, i guess :)
    Ranking: 1

    2. She's Your Cocaine - this song is just like cocaine to me. Addictive like hell, even though it's not my Tori Amos favorite song, once I play it I just have to repeat it over and over.
    Ranking: 38

    3. Drip Drop Teardrop - This may not be my favorite song from "Super Extra Gravity", but it's the one that I most identify with. Or, more accurately, the one I WISH that I could identify myself in. I wished for a situation that made me feel like the song, or something like that. …
  • Mix: Partnership for a Drug-Free iPod

    9 Mar 2007, 07:01 by dmaleus

  • iTunes survey... Just because.

    23 Dec 2005, 14:14 by xuelee

    I did this once on my LJ. Now I'm doing this again because... ha. You'd be surprised how much your listening stats can change in a few days.

    Anything I strongly recommend will be in italics.

    Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrasing it is.

    How many songs?
    319, or 1 day of music. You see, most of my songs average at around 6 minutes... So there.

    No, I don't have a habit of collecting music either. And I've just reformatted my computer, so this figure is biased.

    Sort by song title:
    First song: 'Til the End of Time
    Last song: You Take My Breath Away

    Sort by time:
    Shortest song: aria (0:47)
    Longest song: Tartini: Sonata in G minor (The Devil's Trill)

    Top Five Most Played Songs:
    1) 'Til the End of Time
    1) Spark
    1) Cruel
    1) Bach Street Prelude
    5) Stopwatch Hearts
    5) Grow Up and Blow Away
    5) Sleepsong

    I'm sorry if I have ties.

    First song to come up on shuffle:
    Hollaback Girl