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  • Avatar for CubiqueZirqoni
    Utterly transcendent
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Was it noisy
  • Avatar for VOLT4
    this is so fucking good
  • Avatar for Sarinijha
  • Avatar for Black-Cherry
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    one of her best compositions
  • Avatar for TabooEv
    Tori's vocal performance here is just astonishing..
  • Avatar for Deardeadfriend
    I'm so in love with this song.
  • Avatar for tanya_90
    the first minute and a half is very pele-like.
  • Avatar for TabooEv
    Very underrated!
  • Avatar for Deformografy
    foam can be dangerous with tape across my mouth.
  • Avatar for lesliedahlink
    Still one of my favorites from Tori.
  • Avatar for edb500
    If I could propose to a song, this would be the one I'd want to commit the rest of my life, too :-) <3
  • Avatar for intheluminol
    album version is captivating
  • Avatar for ionutsandu
  • Avatar for almamatter
    and now my kid loves to sing it, too...because it's about our cat...
  • Avatar for almamatter
    my cat is named after this song.
  • Avatar for macrocosm144
    Totally fucking brilliant! Love me some Tori
  • Avatar for Eosson
    She’s in New York somewhere Checking her accounts...
  • Avatar for gnomoshky
    Indiscutiblemente para mi, su mejor trabajo.
  • Avatar for GreenAppleRain
    brilliant ending of the album. worshiping Tori Myra Ellen Amos
  • Avatar for _KevMusic_
    The greatest album closer to any album ever. Period. Not to mention that it's on [url=]the greatest album ever[/url] of course :)
  • Avatar for cosmic1357
    Boy, I think you're confused. I'm not Persephone. <33
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    mmmmmmmmm tasty
  • Avatar for mmmbalmer
    I'm not asking you to believe in me, but this is incredible.
  • Avatar for ConsignedO
    dodoriazarbon: Yeah i just rearranged my ordering- its definitly an amazing opening. I like the line 'ripples come and ripples go and ripple back to me' best <3
  • Avatar for Ataiath
    A perfect ending for the greatest album ever. The glissando toward the end of the song is beyond stunning.
  • Avatar for dodoriazarbon
    Anyone else listen to the hidden tracklisting of Choirgirl? (the order the songs are listed in the booklet) This one is first, and IMO, works better as an opening than as an ending.
  • Avatar for Imissmysky
    Boy, I think you're confused. I'm not Persephone...
  • Avatar for enchant
    easily some of her best lyrics here.. the thing that really makes this song stand out to me is how the lyrics and presentation work together to make the whole song sound extremely geometric and complex.. excellent ending to a great record. by the end i feel completely exhausted.
  • Avatar for kalelian
    This one doesn't get nearly enough love.
  • Avatar for jane_eyre07
    I think the lyrics are kind of hard to get into, but the melody is absolutely stunning <3
  • Avatar for dissgirl
    this song is so magical. choirgirl catharsis.
  • Avatar for Confessions87
    I love this song so much, I don't understand why it's so difficult to get into! I love the long note at the end. The lord of the flies was diagnosed as...soooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnd!
  • Avatar for luplik
    it takes some time to get into this one... at least for me...
  • Avatar for pandorina
    wow...I didn't expect to be top fan on this one...Tori is fabulous

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