• Album Review: Tori Amos - A Piano: The Collection (2006)

    6 Nov 2012, 17:01 by irisvanhoorn

    Tori Amos - A Piano: The Collection


    Instead of reviewing Tori's new album Gold Dust, I would like to review this amazing box-set first, because it's my most listened Tori album and I never found the time to write a review about it before. I received A Piano: The Collection as a gift from my boyfriend for my 28th birthday (June 2011). I really love the box with the piano keys on it, it looks really great in my opinion. It's just a pity mine got a bit damaged during the transport, but we taped it and now it looks good as new (almost)! I also really love the book that is included. It contains a small biography of Tori and a few pages of 'Album and Track commentary' written by Tori herself about the 5 discs of the box-set and the choices she made to include certain songs. It's really nice to have some insights on the songs, and to be able to understand the songs a little bit better. …
  • Rank the Albums of Tori Amos - Updated!

    4 Nov 2011, 19:39 by irisvanhoorn

    Since the release of Night of Hunters about a month ago, also my ranking list of Tori Amos albums needed an update. And I discovered that it was more than just adding a new album to the list. Some albums grew on me while others became less important to me, or maybe I over-listened them a bit. So this is my new ranking list, starting with the best one on top:

    1. Little Earthquakes (1992)
    Her very strong debut album and my number 2 for a long time. I just realized that it became my most favourite album, because it contains some of the best songs she has ever made. It is a very personal and emotional album, dealing with heavy subjects like rape and guilt. I think this album has the best composition and really forms a whole.
    Best tracks: Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Winter, Happy Phantom, Leather, Me and a Gun

    2. From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)
  • Rank the Albums of Tori Amos

    24 May 2011, 20:21 by irisvanhoorn

    I saw some other people here do it, so I would also like to make a ranking list of all studio albums of Tori Amos.

    I thought it was pretty difficult to rank her albums, because I like them all (except for Strange Little Girls). Some of her songs (and albums) I loved right from the start, while others first had to grow on me. And for some songs I lost a bit of interest along the way, maybe I listened to them a little bit too much. Anyway, here is my current list (I start with the best one on top, because I like that better):

    1. From the Choirgirl Hotel (1998)
    This is definitely her best album ever! It is a very personal and dark album, dealing with subjects like her miscarriage(s), her marriage and some stuff coming from her nightmares. A lot of very beautiful, touching songs and very good use of electronics.
    Best tracks: Spark, Cruel, Black-Dove (January), Raspberry Swirl, Jackie's Strength, i i e e e, Playboy Mommy

    2. Little Earthquakes (1992)
  • Tori for me

    12 Nov 2008, 05:49 by allyouwanna


    How did you get into Tori: in 1998, watching 'Escape From L.A.', in wich there was a song by Tori, called "Professional Widow".

    First song you heard: Professional Widow
    Favourite track: Northern Lad
    Least favorite track: Fat Slut
    Happy song: Happy Phantom
    Sad song: 1,000 Oceans
    Crazy Song: Yes, Anastacia
    If a song had to be played when you entered the room, it would be: A Sorta Fairytale
    Best album: From the Choirgirl Hotel
    Worst album: American Doll Posse
    Best live song: Parasol
    Best cover: Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Song that describes you: Crucify
    Song for your funeral: Sleeps With Butterflies
    Most overrated song: Cornflake Girl
    Most underrated song: Black Swan
    Most played on you Last.Fm: Pretty Good Year
    Song you wish you wrote: Liquid Diamonds
  • Tori Amos: Top Artist

    14 Aug 2008, 00:37 by Corbin03

  • Tori Amos - Discography

    25 Apr 2008, 20:00 by ConsignedO

    Album: American Doll Posse
    Whats Good About It: Tori sounds really natural as she revamps a sound that is reminiscent of the 80s. A lot of strong power ballads and a nice inclusion of rocky instrumentation to accompany her trademark piano hooks pays off on tracks such as the instant Big Wheel and the seductive Mr. Bad Man
    Whats Bad About It: Lacks a sense of true personality- the songs, although dealing with real issues, don't have the same familiarity that was present on her earlier works.
    Favourite Track: Bouncing off Clouds

    Album: The Beekeeper
    Whats Good About It: Tori shows her originality- as she provides a brave output, including some of her most experimental tracks to date. The jazzy tones are especially evident on the catchy Sweet the Sting, whilst she stays true to her roots with such piano-led pieces as Original Sinsuality
    Whats Bad About It: The chorus-verse formula seems to be considerably overused- and alike American Doll Posse, the emotion in her music, although still evident, doesn't seem to be as prominent
  • OTR: Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes

    18 Feb 2008, 18:35 by warren33

    Little Earthquakes was released in 1992, making me eleven years old and completely oblivious to its existence at the time. My first gasp of awareness regarding the woman who now sings lines such as "I'm a MILF, don't you forget it," was in high school. One of the few "freaks" of Potsdam, New York had discovered Tori Amos and I noticed her singing "Silent All These Years" in the computer lab. She wasn't being very loud as she accompanied the song, but at the line, "boy, you'd best pray that I bleed real soon - how's that thought for you?" her voice raised. It was as if she'd verbally dragged a highlighter across the words.

    I wouldn't see the video for the song until VH1 featured it on the (sadly) short-lived programmed "Pop-Up Video," in which music videos would be played and factoids about them would - literally - pop-up on the screen. I would come closer to listening to the whole album during my freshman year of college. …
  • 2007 Concert roundup

    29 Dec 2007, 07:42 by WalrusOct9

    The Great:

    Bjork - Auditorium Theatre, May 12. Simply amazing, I can't really put it into words. I've loved her for years, but even after listening to her albums hundreds of times, the songs still startled me in a live setting, really beautiful stuff. Plus she did 4 tunes from Vespertine, my favorite album, which I wasn't expecting at all. "Unison" live may make the list of Top 10 live songs I've ever seen.

    Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - United Center, Oct. 21 & 22. I don't know which night to pick, so I'm just going to cheat and group them together. How could I pick between hearing "Candy's Room" and "Thundercrack" on the first night and "Spirit in the Night" on the second? I know it's not 1978, but after building up an E-Street show in my mind (and on my stereo) for years, it somehow did manage to live up to my expectations. Plus, GA standing floor tickets mean no corporate people sitting down and being bored for half…
  • okay, some music questions!

    9 Aug 2007, 18:32 by rebekkas

    i'm waiting for my inner to be ready and until then i'll answer some music questions i found in another journal...

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    jannifer terran-que sera sera

    2. What song makes you sad?
    quite a few...e.g. i remember from damien rice or 1000 oceans from tori amos and so on

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    good question...there are soooo many. mybe the ketchup song from las ketchup or something like this.

    4. Your all time favorite band?
    16 horesepower and the white stripes

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    oh laura

    6. Best female voice?
    tori amos for sure

    7. Best male voice?
    damien rice and david eugene edwards

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    ummm, let's call it alternative, because it's so hard to catagorize music.

    9. What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    32 flavours from ani difranco and coconut skins from damien rice

    10. What do you think of Classical music?
  • tori live(s)

    20 Jul 2007, 02:15 by mirrah

    Fri 13 Jul – Tori Amos

    I’ve been putting this off for a whole week. Not procrastinating this time, I swear. Just trying to let the dust settle, trying to be a bit more detached, a smidge more levelheaded about it. A little less freaky-fangirl-ish.

    The first day after the concert I just couldn’t bring myself to speak about it. Friends asked me how it was and I just nodded and gave them the thumbs up. Then I saw the flickr pics. The youtube vids. The blog posts. And then came the ultimate account. The mother of all reviews and, more importantly, of all Tori experiences. I read it, got even more emotional (and substantially more self-deprecating for not having attended the M&G, although I had promised myself I would). And I realized I would never be able to write a Tori-story and pass it off as a review.

    But I decided to write this anyway, write it for inconsequential, sentimental reasons. Such as the fact that this was one of the more impressive things that have happened to me. Ever. Or at least in recent times.