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  • Avatar for CubiqueZirqoni
    Get off the cross, we need the wood [2]
  • Avatar for southstarmusic
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    I have never heard this live, despite many opportunities, which is what happens when you're dealing with a crazy madwoman who plays over 100 songs on any given tour. By which I mean, JEALOUS
  • Avatar for collectingbees
    this is actually one of my favourite songs live, I won't lie.
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    Gets more fun and more funny every time I hear it.
  • Avatar for phoenixdbp
    milf, oh yeah
  • Avatar for honkytonk84
    'Get off the cross, we need the wood'
  • Avatar for starfloka
  • Avatar for IhaveSeenItAll
    i won't forget! i promise!
  • Avatar for J_D
    This as an encore = pure, unadulterated awesomeness.
  • Avatar for liyoh
    love this song!!
  • Avatar for Azzy2121
    Tori Amos: the ulti-M.I.L.F.
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    this is probably one of her catchiest songs.
  • Avatar for kurwaaa
    I will give you 10 [2] ;D
  • Avatar for jatal
    Great track! Have loved Tori since I first heard Little Earthquakes as a teenager. it's all about the message (and the red hair, of course :))
  • Avatar for tom_dissonance
    she totally is, too
  • Avatar for garnite
    m i l x m i l x
  • Avatar for Furashubakku
    I never released the sheer amount of religious references in this song until I listened to it in front of my religious mother.
  • Avatar for limbonite_08
    Get off the cross; we need the wood.
  • Avatar for Furashubakku
    She is definitely M-I-L-F.
  • Avatar for morningside24
  • Avatar for SoapMagic
    I won't forget Tori, believe me [3] ;)
  • Avatar for gsm007g
    Tori .........amazing.Amos
  • Avatar for nojejujeju
  • Avatar for mari-e
    There's something to it, Joel
  • Avatar for JoelTheCat
    The only Tori Amos song I like.
  • Avatar for ladycaroledowns
    great song......
  • Avatar for gunarhipis
  • Avatar for rachelbree
    M-I-L-F don't you forget. I love Tori Amos, ugh.
  • Avatar for SoapMagic
    Big Wheel is one of the reasons why I'm a Tori Amos fan.
  • Avatar for ShaniaEve
    Very good song!
  • Avatar for flakeolds
    I will give you 10
  • Avatar for lawrencegillies
    One of the few recent Tori tracks that I've heard and liked...
  • Avatar for NSX4evr2006
    I won't forget Tori, believe me
  • Avatar for hjbardenhagen
    Love the live version!
  • Avatar for babygirl627
    you go on wit ur superbad ultra talented faerie self.
  • Avatar for LION-MAN
  • Avatar for myraus
    Damn. Those random guitar parts are annoying. Other than that, almost best track of album [ :
  • Avatar for earthmarbles
    @hoomerick - "bouncing on top of clouds" was a great one, too.
  • Avatar for TweeLittleThing
    I liked 'ADP' personally - better than 'The Beekeeper'.
  • Avatar for hoomerick
    this is a great song, pity is was about the only one on this album
  • Avatar for Joon87
    love her. she´s an amazing woman!
  • Avatar for crv2larsen
  • Avatar for blasphemousrmrs
    f******* fantastic
  • Avatar for verito70
    tori es la mejor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VENI A LA ARGENTINAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!please....
  • Avatar for lizzzzzza
  • Avatar for Fyrea
    Haha, this song always seems to make my day 'Baby I don't need your cash!'
  • Avatar for olus577
  • Avatar for xLeriah
    nice (:


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