• TOP 52 ALBUMS OF 2011

    8 Jan 2012, 23:01 by Confessions87

    1YRON was born out of the notion of reviewing records exactly one year after their initial release date. This alternative to reviewing a record as and when it is released is an attempt to understand a record better within the context of its fairly recent absorption into mainstream or underground consciousness. For the past seven months 1YRON has focused on reviewing some of 2010's best records. With 2011 drawing to a close and with 2012 just around the corner, it's almost time to focus again on 2011's releases. Over the next year 1YRON will continue to review records on their first birthdays, the majority of which will feature in this list.

    There's never much sense or clarity when putting together end of year lists because individual opinion ultimately rules over structure and ordering in such instances. However, we all feel compelled to at least attempt them. As usual, 2011 was a brilliant year for music in a similar vein to 2010 and, as usual…
  • Album Review: Tori Amos - Night of Hunters (2011)

    29 Oct 2011, 18:48 by irisvanhoorn

    Tori Amos - Night of Hunters


    After long and hopeful waiting I finally got my copy of Tori Amos' latest album Night of Hunters, on the 30th of September 2011 to be exact. Being a classical album it is quite different from her earlier work, but the same way I fell in love with her earlier albums, I fell in love with this one. It is a very special and original album. It is a concept album which she describes herself as a "21st century song cycle". It tells the story about a woman who is left by her husband after their journey to Ireland, a land with a lot of mythical background. After he has left she meets the shape-shifting creature Anabelle, first in the form of the Fox, later as the Goose. This creature leads her through a kind of self-investigation to get a better understanding of what happened in her relationship and what lies underneath. After she got a last advice from the Fire Muse, she finds peace with her situation. …
  • Tori Amos Ranked...!

    1 Oct 2011, 16:41 by NarcolepsyWeed

    12. Strange Little Girls

    It's not necessarily bad, it's just the album I listen to least. I can appreciate Tori's artistic interpretations of these songs and it's got to take talent to be able to transform songs in such a way, but an album of covers can only rank so high on my list. It should go without saying that her original material is obviously better.

    Favourite: New Age
    Least favourite: Happiness Is a Warm Gun

    11. The Beekeeper

    This album marked a whole new direction for Tori, not that she's ever done the same thing twice. It's also the album that most people credit as being the album where she started to go downhill, but I disagree with that completely. I think that the concept is a little lost and the album is far too long, but creating a playlist of my 12 favourite songs from this album makes it make more sense.

    Favourite: Garlands
    Least favourite: Witness

    10. Little Earthquakes

    I'm going to get a lot of S for this one but frankly I can't listen to this album. …
  • Lieblingslieder

    20 Jul 2006, 13:05 by fireicicle