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  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    Misunderstood masterpiece. Today marks its birthday. Check out my thoughts on the LP here:
  • Avatar for TheNegativeSex
    Also, interestingly enough, the songs I wish weren't on the album are placed in 3 2-track sequences: Sleeps with Butterflies + General Joy, Ribbons Undone + Cars and Guitars and Hoochie Woman + Goodbye Pisces.
  • Avatar for TheNegativeSex
    Parasol - Barons of Suburbia - Martha's Foolish Ginger - (maybe) Dolphin Song - (maybe) Jamaica Inn - The Power of Orange Knickers - Sweet the Sting - Mother Revolution - Witness bridge - Ireland (without the sha na na) - The Beekeeper - Original Sinsuality - Marys of the Sea - Garlands - Toast. I wish that tracklist were real.
  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    when you dive deep into this album...nothing is the same after that. Masterpiece.
  • Avatar for SaraBeeJim
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    The last Tori album that I believe as coming from deep within her, as opposed to some pretentious high concept bullshit. [infinity]
  • Avatar for niqart
    This album better than APP+AATS
  • Avatar for kajo_93
    This is the album that killed her reputation imo. She chose the worst singles possible to promote it, Sleeps With Elevator Music is dreadful for a lead single. Yet, she left a whole lot of brilliant gems unheard of by the wider audience. Barons or Marys as singles would've possibly kept the album's (and Tori's, in a way) reputation from going downhill.
  • Avatar for MovieStar2000
    i'm listening to this right now for the first time and can't believe this is tori fucking amos.
  • Avatar for tomeksj1
    Although I do find this album Tori's least inventive (with 'Midwinter Graces' and 'Gold Dust' being cast aside), a bit uninspired and think it's exscessively loose in places, I can't help loving it to bits at the same time. So airy and enjoyable.
  • Avatar for Abomination317
    The last Tori album that I believe as coming from deep within her, as opposed to some pretentious high concept bullshit.
  • Avatar for yourcrowbar
    I've always enjoyed this album. But now, compared to her latest pair of efforts, it's almost a f*ckin' masterpiece.
  • Avatar for fireicicle
    My second favourite album by her. :) Yep.
  • Avatar for Deardeadfriend
    I would say she went downhill from here, but that would be inaccurate. A better analogy would be to say she fell off a fucking cliff [3]
  • Avatar for Deardeadfriend
    Some songs are unlistenable but some songs are fucking lovely. The last time her voice sounded so good.
  • Avatar for giftwrapping
    I would say she went downhill from here, but that would be inaccurate. A better analogy would be to say she fell off a fucking cliff [2]
  • Avatar for unrealitiesxi
    It's true that for me, this is the last of her albums I was truly in love with.
  • Avatar for luke_suspicious
    I agree this was her last truly inspired work to date, I have a great deal of admiration for this album.
  • Avatar for tonnyaranha
    Her last fucking great album. Also is her best 00s album.
  • Avatar for DepartureSong
    This album is fucking great. Period.
  • Avatar for r-vin
    The Beekeeper = "Tori Amos Light"... for me, but still a masterpiece
  • Avatar for niqart
    Toast is absolutely best
  • Avatar for Dudetron
    Barons of suburbia is the best :3
  • Avatar for XavierViolet9
    actually...not the last fully listenable album, it's called opening your mind instead of being the average pretentious Tori fan.
  • Avatar for rainy-dog
    when i was first getting into tori, this was the album that had just come out and so i listened to it, at 15, and ended up really enjoying... most of it. but then i got little earthquakes and realised how much better she could be.
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    Last fully listenable album to be released by Grandma Amos
  • Avatar for MichaelMayhem22
    For the longest time, I have heard and read the crap people have dished on this album. And I didn't listen to it at all for the longest time because of other people's opinion that "It's too commercial" or whatever else people bitch. I got this album today and decided to take a leap of faith in Tori's musical prowess. It's awesome! It's got the smoothness of SW and a great positive energy. I'm discovering yet another facet of Tori that I'll come to love I'm sure. Shame on you if you can't give this album a good, attentive listen.
  • Avatar for mixplusik
    One of my favourite Tori albums. The only thing that bugs me here is that nearly all the tracks are 'coloured' same. Nearly each song has that warm feel to it, created by the bass, percussion, organ, piano and guitars.
  • Avatar for ambigo
    "t's Tori's first album entirely filled with the positive energy"? Uh, really? I think Jamaica Inn, Mother Revolution, Toast, the title track and nearly half of the album would disagree.
  • Avatar for GrandDissonance
    It says that I only have 63 plays from this album but I -know- that I have more than that. Hmmm...
  • Avatar for Furashubakku
    Well seems won't accept my plays for this album. :\
  • Avatar for outre21
    Sweet, sweet the sting... oh is it real? This infusion? Can it heal where others before have failed?
  • Avatar for _KevMusic_
    I do sometimes forget how much I love this one.
  • Avatar for Deardeadfriend
    The title track is incredible.
  • Avatar for Mathias_705
    Favourite one, I guess
  • Avatar for OdeToMyClothes
    My TBK-album won't scrobble more than 5 songs. Could this be because of the wrong naming in the tracklist? Help >.<?
  • Avatar for pechorkinname
  • Avatar for jadedingenue
    I've found TBK painfully boring all these years...until recent weeks after nearly selling it it's grown on me. Such a surprise! Glad I kept it. :)
  • Avatar for like_suede
    Pretty sounding songs about betrayal. It's grown on me a lot, everything except for Ribbons Undone. I've found myself singing along to the sha-na-na-na's in Ireland ahaha
  • Avatar for just_corn
    Completely agree - I love this album, it has a beautiful nostalgia about it. Sometimes you just don't feel up to Earthquakes and its heavy heartstrings.
  • Avatar for SoapMagic
    Very well said shingouz, ialves, and tiduspr. TBK was one of my "gateway" Tori albums, so I have a soft spot for this album. After listening to her whole catalog, I wouldn't say that TBK is her best work, but it still is pretty awesome (and more rememberable than SW). "Sweet the Sting", "Ireland", "Cars and Guitars", "The Power of Orange Knickers" and "Marys of the Sea" are my personal highlights. Even if I didn't like it, I would still be glad that she at least tried a new sound instead of making Little Earthquakes: Vol II.
  • Avatar for shingouz
    This album captures perfectly the soul of a happier Tori, with the baby she had been waiting for so long finally illumating her life. My guess is that those who don't like this album are too young too understand its true value. You'll appreciate it in 10 or 15 years.
  • Avatar for tiduspr
    pretty laughable how much hatred this album has gathered from the very vicious toriphiles who seem to be out for blood ever since a few years back. I think it is brilliant, the music wonderful and soothing and better than any other pop album out there. Just because tori does not sound pissed off on this cd, does it mean that it lacks any passion or prose. Bravo to tori for constantly demonstrating that she is not one sided, but a musical genius. Her music has all shades. My favorite tori CD right now, although i am totally digging Abnormally Attracted to Sin and its creeping up on my list.
  • Avatar for dumbnoteclectic
    I love the cover for this album :)
  • Avatar for HighOnSunday51
    it doesn't have anything to do with the soft sound, for me. I don't feel her soul in it at all, actually. SW is one of my favorite Tori albums, and it has a soft sound overall. This is just a really bland album, and is weak lyrically and I'm not a very big fan of the music, either. Very few tracks on this album give a hint of Tori's brilliance. To me, it's her only misstep, along with half of Strange Little Girls.
  • Avatar for der_ketzer
    Wow. The Bonus DVD was actually more intersting than the album.
  • Avatar for Warrior_Bard
    Most of the songs work a lot better live, if this album was recorded just with the choir+piano+organs it would've been *really* sexy.
  • Avatar for sbuder
    I agree, not her best work, but there are two alarmingly heavenly songs here, and my discovery of them has lead to a journey....... original sinsuality and barons of word!
  • Avatar for dodoriazarbon
    If I'm completely honest, I really like it. I don't really compare it to a lot of her other (better) albums, but she's still present, intact, and it's very pretty and charming. Lot of great vocal performances here too, unlike ADP. And I have a HUGE soft spot for Ireland, Hoochie Woman etc. But then I understand the bitterness surrounding this. I'm always up for some good poppy stuff, and I bought this the same day as Little Earthquakes, and I liked how one was really personal and dark, while the other a lot more celebratory.
  • Avatar for EosAstraeus
    I was doling singing lessons and I chose Parasol as one of the songs I did for my lessons - I love the harmony in it. My all time fave was Beekeeper though. I love the passion and force of it.


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