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Torgeist was a French black metal band that was formed in 1992. The band was part of the underground black metal group Les Légions Noires (The Black Legions) along with other acts such as Mütiilation, Belketre, Vlad Tepes, Brenoritvrezorkre and many others.

Torgeist is a German word meaning "Gate Spirit".

The band was located in Martignas-sur-Jalle, Aquitaine, France and released music between 1992 and 1996.

Last known lineup: -Vordb Bathor Ecsed (Bass) -A Dark Soul (Drums) -Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh (Guitar… read more

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  • Avatar for DildoDeAcero
  • Avatar for fraucy
    @godpan Your knowledge and fascination in LLN history is gorgeous. Adorable.
  • Avatar for Darknessbg
    Lord Beleth’Rim?
  • Avatar for Sammael_F_Hell
    Well, one thing sure is that we never know EXACTLY what the hell happened. But i still have my suspicions on...
  • Avatar for godpan
    This is not exactly true. According to line-up presented at the first demo. Torgeist exist before joining BLC. Richard was not a traitor, if selling his own records. But his involvement in the creation of bootleg unknown and unproven, in contrast Noktu. He can be convicted only for use of symbols of the Black Legion. But we actually don't know hierarchy structure in the BL's organization and his role in this hierarchy, so I don't presume to judge him.
  • Avatar for NecroPanzer
    OMGWTFUUU that was soooo untrve....
  • Avatar for Billy-Pilgrim
    Free Barshasketh album for download here: atmospheric/old school vibe
  • Avatar for MountieFromHell
    Follow him on Twitter @torgeist
  • Avatar for godpan
    I think Torgeist dont have a constant line-up. All photo is bullshit. AK played only on one (last) demo, Vordb just session member on first. It is interesting how look line-up for third demo if it were... Mr. Rim? A Dark Soul? Willy? and.. who? maybe Noktu Geiistmort? Who are permanent member? Mr. Rim? or A Dark Soul?
  • Avatar for Sarguer
    follow whom?

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