• Year In Music: 2012

    22 Dec 2012, 07:14 by davygrohl

    It's that magical time of year: List Season! I get all warm and fuzzy inside reading different website's end of year music lists, and I figured I better get on with making my own. Once again I've kept a list of all the new music I've added in 2012 in a list in my iTunes library. Last year's experience was great, but it's a credit to this year when I say I think this list is better than my first one. Overall, from songs to albums to concerts it's been a superb year. Like I said last year, I hardly claim this is a "Best Of" list, seeing as I dislike entire genres of music, and don't have enough time to listen to a great many releases from the genres I do like. Therefore, this is a list of MY favorite music from 2012. Enjoy!

    Top 25 Albums

    25. Fang Island - Major

    I like each and every song on this album. Genuinely, I think the guys in Fang Island wrote some great jams. Seek It Out, Never Understand, and Asunder immediately jump to mind. …