• New dj mix online - Under Overdrive

    21 sept. 2009, 21h00m par vveerrgg

    Vergel Evans presents: Under Overdrive (dj mix)
    Download or listen to it for free from SoundCloud.

    It's been ages since I've actively got in-front of a mixer with the intent to do a dj mix, but over the last couple of weeks I've wanted to do nothing else... When I first started dj'ing in 1996 I was purely a vinyl fan. By the time I was able to manage 3 decks effectively I was burning through my records so fast, I hardly had enough time to pick the next track.

    Now fast forwarding to today... with software like TraktorPro and dj interfaces like the VCI-100 or Xone:4d, it's possible to load, perform, and exit a song as quick as desired.... even better the maintenance of mixing 3 or more "decks" is easy when the hardware is a simple set of faders.

    My goals with this mix was to build a set that had elements of all the styles of techno I really enjoy in a tight mix where every beat has a value. …