• My Asian CD Collection

    5 Feb 2006, 07:02 by jennyukari


    Vol. 4 Once N 4 All
    Vol. 5 One Way

    Vol. 1 Open the Road

    201 (Special Edition)

    Bobby Kim
    Vol. 2 Beats Within My Soul

    Vol. 1 The Brian
    Vol. 2 Manifold

    Brown Eyed Girls
    Vol. 1 Your Story

    Brown Eyes
    Vol. 1 With Coffee
    Vol. 2 Reason 4 Breathing?
    Vol. 3 Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects

    Vol. 1 Morning of Buzz

    Vol. 1 Introspect

    Vol. 3 Between
    Vol. 4 Polyester Heart
    Vol. 5 Tender

    Vol. 1 Donawhale

    1st Storybook "Hug"
    2nd Storybook "The Way U Are"
    Vol. 1 Tri-Angle
    3rd Storybook "Special Photo Essay in L.A."
    Vol. 3 "O"-正.反.合(Repackaged Version D) (CD+DVD)

    Vol. 1 Just My Way

    Epik High
    Vol. 3 Black Swan Songs (Repackaged Special Edition) (2CD)

    Vol. 1 Hard to Breath

    Vol. 1 Radio Dayz
    Vol. 2 Spectrum

    Fly to the Sky
    Vol. 2 The Promise
    Contact: Fly to the Sky & Kim Jo Han Joint Live Concert (CD+VCD)
  • Lonely in Gorgeous.

    13 Jan 2006, 02:35 by Akemi-chan

    I've gotten into manga/anime again. My Japanese penpal sent me NANA volume one--it was lovely. Then I found that there was a movie based upon it. So I'm watching it.

    Then I also got into the Paradise Kiss series--it's by the same author of NANA. I have to say, I enjoy this series a little better. Tommy february6 sings the theme song. I love her voice, but the music video for "Lonely in Gorgeous" reminds me of a nerd in front of her video camera pretending to be drunk and not knowing what to do. Watch it and you'll see what I mean. It's just plain bad, and that makes kittens cry.

    EDIT: I retract this statement. I've seen her other music videos and that's just her february6 persona. Everything makes sense now. ;)

    On a more music-related note, I was able to get some songs of some J-indie bands. Namely, Death*Rabbits, SID, and KuRt; Kagrra as well. KuRt has Tenten from Hanamuke; I'm not sure about the other members. Still, nevertheless, J-music makes me smile.

  • Tommy february6

    27 Dec 2005, 12:48 by dunnno

    The singer of The Brilliant Green came alone for a fantasticulous new character for a while now. Well, her songs sounds like candy plenty of pink and blinky as hell. You love or your hate.
    But just have a look at her clothes style and environment. kitschier, you die, but I looove it, I love to see her dancing like a broom stick in her 70's clothes, it fits her, or the character she plays, so well. I love that.
    Tommy february6's the best at the moment.
  • New artists (for me anyway).

    23 Dec 2005, 19:56 by chiyama

    I'm getting into Malice Mizer and GACKT.

    God help me.

    MIYAVI is now my favorite artist, which is an interesting jump from 天野月子(Amano Tsukiko) and Tommy february6.

    Mana scares me.