• Mount Rushmore of Memphis Rap Albums: Part II

    25 Mar 2013, 20:59 by CraigMcDerm0tt

    On The Run. Tommy Wright III. 1996.

    Time for a hilarious metaphor: If Three 6 Mafia is the Beatles of Memphis Rap, and by that I mean the group that everyone heralds as the premiere act synonymous with the genre of rap music, then Tommy Wright III is the Velvet Undeground, a.k.a., the less commercially viable and yet perhaps more widely revered and respected Memphis rap musician within knowledgeable Dirty South rap circles. (Spin Magazine recently published their list of the top 100 alternative albums of the 60's---three Velvet Underground albums made the top 25, and on one of the write-ups, VU is referred to as, by the late 60's, "the scariest band in America"---in the mid 90, TWIII really was the scariest rap artist in the 901, which is saying something).

    Tommy Wright III is surrounded by legend. He allegedly had seventeen misdemeanors before he even was old enough to buy cigarettes. Never made it big either. Hell never made it out of Memphis. …
  • The Law School 40 Parts VII-VIII

    16 May 2012, 13:16 by CraigMcDerm0tt

    Part VII: Fall 2011

    1. Getting Crunk. Tommy Wright III. On the Run. 1996.

    In August 2011, I visited my homeland of Memphis, TN for a couple days. Went out on Beale St. with a few of my old high school/college cronies, and vividly remember looking around at the wealth of ghetto ass black dudes surrounding me and just soaking it all in, loving every minute of it.

    Tommy Wright was one of the godfathers of Memphis rap. “Getting Crunk” was such a force of nature with that diiirrrrtyy ass chorus “SOUTH MEMPHIS N***** GETTING CRUNK UP IN THIS BITCH.” At this point in my law school career, I was beginning to sense a desire to return to my 901 roots, and “Getting Crunk” and Tommy Wright in general (though it is Project Pimp’s track, really) were crucial conduits for allowing me to mentally regain an appreciation for the city that made me.


    2. Beat Connection. LCD Soundsystem. LCD Soundsystem. 2005.

    “But nobody’s falling in love!” James Murphy howls. “Everybody here needs a shove!”