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  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    >> [url=]Just a recommendation ...[/url]
  • Avatar for miafins11
    The greatest unheralded guitar hero of all times! TB 4life!
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    If someone came to pick me up for a date and they were playing Tommy Bolin in their car I would swoooooooooooooooooooooooon* so hard
  • Avatar for pddisp
    What a shame, gone way too soon.
  • Avatar for Mr_Perry
    Crazed Fandango is a great song
  • Avatar for KingsAndQueen
    I love him! I wish more people would realize how great he was <3
  • Avatar for AddOnSoul
    Available a Deep Purple live album with Tommy Bolin >> [url=]Extended Versions: The Encore Collection[/url]
  • Avatar for MikeySchenker
    And that lovely, lovely voice...
  • Avatar for MikeySchenker
    Tommy, Tommy... one of my favourite guitar players ever...
  • Avatar for Miensman
    happy birthday Tommy...
  • Avatar for justpeace0
    Damn this guy was good.
  • Avatar for KingsAndQueen
    Lovely Tom. It's so sad he died too soon :( [3]
  • Avatar for daria12342
    34 years ago he died. We remember You. R.I.P. Tommy [2]
  • Avatar for mynameisjoehann
    Died to young
  • Avatar for Marcioivam20105
    It`s a pity.
  • Avatar for Ozzman_Cameth
    Lovely Tom. It's so sad he died too soon :( [2]
  • Avatar for chilone
    I love you
  • Avatar for shawnevans
    'In other accounts, his death followed a night of hard partying that had involved beer, champagne, barbiturates, cocaine and finally morphine."
  • Avatar for Wabrewman
    RIP...awesome music
  • Avatar for tuprofe
    RIP, Tommy, you are always in our hearts...
  • Avatar for whispsandroses
    =* love u Tom
  • Avatar for Lord_Krichian
    I love the man
  • Avatar for zaqry
    How did Tommy die? I didn't know he was gone. He wouldn't even be 60 now, would he?
  • Avatar for Mardie21
    Wild Dogs: I know that song for 31 years. Still: What a song!!!
  • Avatar for chiquimulteco
    Don't let your mind POST TOASTEE!!!
  • Avatar for bartek_x6
    Tommy Bolin-Najlepszy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for harajukudude
    a group for people who love to discover great bands that none of your friends know about !
  • Avatar for lightbeamer
    Love Tommy's Music. Grew up in same Neighborhood as the Bolin's. His Brother Johnny is drummer for black Oak Arkansas. Picture is of "OUR Hometown". Sioux City, Iowa. can actually say, Home of Deep Purple"!
  • Avatar for Supernaut_
    The Teaser album is a masterpiece ;)
  • Avatar for vundeshtrec
    Bolin is one of my favourite guitarist...
  • Avatar for marshmellow_man
  • Avatar for Supernaut_
    Teaser+The Grind rocks!
  • Avatar for chiquimulteco
    Drifter amazing riff... WIld Dogs :-0 & Teaser great tune. Long Live Tommy Bolin!!!
  • Avatar for OZOK
    Tommy was genius, can somebody make the electric version of Sweet Burgundy available?
  • Avatar for peachwnk
    Wish Dreamer was available--still one of my all-time favorite Tommy Bolin songs.
  • Avatar for dagfrode73
    tommy is my all-time favourite guitarist... nearly 20 years after i heard him the first time, his music and playing still amazes - and most importantly - touches me...
  • Avatar for Johanmaiden
    The best guitarplayer of all time. Just listen to his solo in Deep purple - burn , from last concert in japan, way better than ritchies. And listen to moxy - moon rider as well. Tommy was incredible.
  • Avatar for evilpandawrath
    well maybe not the best... Damn good, certainly.
  • Avatar for floyd69
    Everybody who likes Tommy Bolin's guitar playing join to
  • Avatar for Free_Pascal
    Болин навсегда...
  • Avatar for NotMeGuv
    The unsung heroes are often the best
  • Avatar for Jim_Lithium
    DP's Gettin' Tighter has been a favorite of mine for a long time yet just this week I finally got to know the guitarist behind it. Great stuff! :-)
  • Avatar for PeopleEveryday
    Such an original noise.
  • Avatar for chilone
    rest in peace genious.
  • Avatar for BigFatPhony
    This guy was a God, too short of a career though.

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