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    always waits!!!

    May 2014
  • Angel_Blue-

    LOVE his raspy voice [2] this song is so cool :D

    April 2014
  • Paul_IS_Dead__

    NEV-AH COMIN' HOME! - 444

    January 2013
  • PattySauce

    YES YES YES!!!!!

    October 2012
  • CatAnatolia

    Rain Dogs is brilliant. Top-shelf bourbon in a dirty glass.

    October 2012
  • andrez83

    I would definitely kiss her carefullly

    June 2012
  • PattySauce

    LOVE his raspy voice, great song!!!

    April 2012
  • TheShwagShop

    So freakin awesome , top shelf scotch with Waits in the back ground !!!!!

    March 2012
  • skullo1981

    This is not the version from the CD

    January 2012
  • black-rock-sand

    Leider lange nicht mehr gehört.

    November 2011
  • DerKeksjaeger

    Sehr unkonventionelle Stimme. Aber wirklich wundervoll :)

    August 2011
  • katti85


    August 2011
  • dajesse

    Tom Waits rocks!

    August 2011
  • CodeFarmer

    ! ! !

    June 2011
  • straysongs

    top-notch waits/trueprose.

    May 2011
  • bobgreen623

    Not the Rain Dogs version, sounds like a live one to me. Very good

    February 2011
  • Pewizzle

    So fucking cool.

    January 2011
  • babyfort

    good version, bad luck... never only happens before & after a blue moon ( 8

    November 2010
  • novemberrising

    I could sit at a bar and listen to this guy tell stories all day, including the ones that aren't true.

    October 2010
  • lopezmt5

    The Rum pours strong and thin with Tom...

    May 2010
  • Jojo-kun

    Listen to this all night, drink and smoke a lot...

    May 2010
  • iradavid

    the cool guy you wanna be having a drink with. Good old Tom

    May 2010
  • halopumpkinking

    his voice is like an awesome nightmare roach.

    May 2010
  • MixtressDesade

    gun street gal baby!!!!

    April 2010
  • sspirits8

    My oh my. Haven't heard this rugged voice in a while.........like, several days. Much too long!

    April 2010
  • cybiont

    Thumbs up!

    March 2010
  • earth_wind_etc

    best part about it is the empty spaces juxtaposed with pots and pans, tin cups, guitar, - & -is that stand up bass? - never kiss a gun street girl again

    March 2010
  • angelasmusic

    nobody says it quite like Tom!

    February 2010
  • johnnydoodles

    well, .................... apparently I've gone to Indiana ............................ and ain't never goin' home

    January 2010


    December 2009
  • ChrisJHutchins

    Hey, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Tom Waits, one of the best of our time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hrp9kZGbQI

    December 2009
  • jamesfukinsteen

    the clip clap clapin of a blindmans cane

    November 2009
  • Ackibear


    November 2009
  • marksmusings

    The genius of Waits. Shame about the yellow Corvette...

    November 2009
  • enogitna

    suncat loves raindogs, *smile

    August 2009
  • LucaBrasiXL

    Fallen James in a Tahoe mud -- stick around and tell us all a tale Well, he fell in love with a Gun Street Girl and now he's dancing in a Birmingham jail

    August 2009
  • clownfilou

    One of his best songs and covers

    August 2009
  • gytonuncut

    come severo

    July 2009
  • Salvanira


    July 2009
  • davidcomp55

    Day old bread soaked in kerosene -- I need to find the printed lyrics to this song. Then I could bang on a table with an old tin cup and sing along with Tom.

    June 2009
  • dumpy-looking

    tom, you've been such a good friend. always there to let me know theres hope in a world so obsessed with the new and the now.

    June 2009
  • terri_capstick

    best Tom Waits song ever!

    June 2009
  • thescooterzoo

    This cats cool!

    June 2009
  • Shanedawg

    Wow. I love the live Tom Waits. Sick!!

    April 2009
  • sepojim

    yes man!!

    April 2009
  • revistaesencia

    tremenda voz, tremenda alma.

    April 2009
  • theapril-sea

    sounds like Howlin' Wolf.Tom's voice so soulful & black!

    March 2009
  • MJ_MoHsEn

    tom waits... I can't believe this voice...

    March 2009
  • iiifff

    İnsanlar onu tüketen olmuşlardır.ama kendilerini tüketmişlerdir.

    March 2009
  • ihearttheussr

    Incredible song, definitely one of his finest.

    March 2009