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    my hero.
  • Avatar for Grzesiu_
    The piano has been drinking, not me. Not me.
  • Avatar for DenUltimata
    I wait, you wait, We all wait for Tom Waits!
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    A new album would be welcomed. [2]
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    I wish I could know how to wait like Tom Waits.
  • Avatar for sunheadbowed
    A new album would be welcomed.
  • Avatar for lucaslups
    She just goes clank and boom and steam.
  • Avatar for Unopuntocinco
    Jezebel is naked With an axe
  • Avatar for SnowandWhisky
    Closing Time is the soundtrack to sad alcoholics everywhere. What a beautiful record.
  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    blues brotha
  • Avatar for Aries494
    Blood Money should be in your top 5's
  • Avatar for A1000Mistakes
    His two new covers of Blind Willie Johnson are really pretty wicked just wish he did a whole album of them!
  • Avatar for TheLizardKing09
    I think the earth is really a living being. I keep waiting for it to rare up and scream us all of its back.
  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    Time is just memory mixed with desire.
  • Avatar for wooden-bear
    No Blood Money in any of your lists, blasphemy.
  • Avatar for lnqdty
    He is the Blues Man [2]
  • Avatar for lucaslups
    The lord is a very very busy man.
  • Avatar for G4CKT
    Greatest album so far: ORPHANS
  • Avatar for Rautarutto
    Top 5 even!
  • Avatar for Rautarutto
    Did someone say top 6 Tom Waits albums? For me, at the moment, it's: 1) Swordfishtrombones 2) Nighthawks at the Diner 3) Bone Machine 4) Small Change 5) Mule Variations
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    Yer damn right.
  • Avatar for Dunnemin
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    When is Tom ever NOT awesome?
  • Avatar for KidCompost
    Tom was awesome in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    My five favorite Waits albums: 1) Rain Dogs 2) Swordfishtrombones 3) Foreign Affairs 4) Bad As Me 5) Small Change
  • Avatar for Enomis2000
    He is the Blues Man
  • Avatar for Gabsamand
  • Avatar for quadmonkey
  • Avatar for 29noangel
    He taught me a lot of things, never marry for love, everything I could think of is true.
  • Avatar for 29noangel
    Tom waits for me.
  • Avatar for Unopuntocinco
    Only good gringo in existance
  • Avatar for uberalles
    coolest person on earth?
  • Avatar for toutcourt
    The sun is up the world is flat Damn good address for a rat
  • Avatar for Grzesiu_
    How can anyone be that fucking awesome
  • Avatar for sblazerrr
    That Feel though.
  • Avatar for Pramlinho
    damn this is awesome why did I wait until today to listen to this guy
  • Avatar for Sharifa_
    Martha , Shiny Things <3333
  • Avatar for Sharifa_
    amazing voice <3
  • Avatar for G4CKT
    TRUMP / PALIN 2016
  • Avatar for alicemunromunro
    LOVE YOU TOM! Myself and a friend are 5 episodes deep into our Tom Waits podcast if anyone wants to listen. We're reviewing the albums chronologically, #6 'Blue Valentine' is up next week:
  • Avatar for SnowandWhisky
    Every time I am alone and drunk at 3am, I always play his first album.
  • Avatar for osmark
    Anywhere I Lay My Head is too damn good. Perfect ending to an incredibly well-crafted album.
  • Avatar for Johnny_Stooge
    Sign to bring back old
  • Avatar for lucaslups
    A genius.
  • Avatar for Sfingomielin
    Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Avatar for mandimuh
    muito tesão nesse homem, socorro
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  • Avatar for SimoneEdmundo
    There is something about his songs that reminds of Bukowski's books.


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