• My year 2012 in music

    1 Jan 2013, 22:42 by fm014

    Happy New Year, everyone.

    This is just a collection of my stats!

    My most played artists of 2012:
    10) Stanfour (251 plays)
    09) Paola & Chiara (256 plays)
    08) Pet Shop Boys (263 plays)
    07) Céline Dion (284 plays)
    06) Darren Hayes (299 plays)
    05) Tom Sinclair (343 plays)
    04) John Mayer (347 plays)
    03) mr.tinoforever (436 plays)
    02) Roxette (597 plays)
    01) Madonna (629 plays)
    Thoughts on that: no surprises for me.

    My most played songs of 2012:
    10) Darkness (30 plays)
    09) Overjoyed (32 plays)
    08) Jealousy (33 plays)
    07) Falling Into You (34 plays)
    06) Runaway and Still (35 plays)
    05) Cedars of Lebanon and No Fear of Heights (36 plays)
    04) I Don’t Believe You (37 plays)
    03) Aqua (38 plays)
    02) Dawn ft. Tom Milsom (41 plays)
    01) The Land, the Sea, and the Sky (42 plays)
    Thoughts on that: I like all those tracks. Unfortunately most of them are on my sleepy time playlist.

  • Burn It Down

    16 Apr 2012, 14:15 by fm014


    and welcome to the newest
    Last week in covers :
    > J. Cole : yes, sometimes I try something different, even if it’s not so much fun for my ears.
    > Florence + The Machine : I revisited “Ceremonials” and wondered if many tracks sound quite similar. For now I have no answer for that.
    > Linkin Park : as you can see it was all about “A Thousand Suns” (the last studio album). It certainly has some nice songs, but sometimes it also gets odd (including speeches).
    > Lights : I’d rather call her “sweet voice”, because that is so obvious when I listen to her songs. (The best one is “Second Go”.)
    > Nelly : tbh his album “5.0” is not that bad. :-D
    > Lee MacDougall : I guess I like his first album more. But I’m not sure. ^^


    Most played artists:
    > Tom Sinclair : I can almost count the days until the new album. Needless to say that I’m looking forward to it.
  • Boyfriend

    26 Mar 2012, 18:20 by fm014


    I’m in hurry, so that must be one of the quicker
    Last week in covers:
    > Deichkind : I’m still getting into this fine blend of electro and German rap music. Also some witty lyrics really help.
    > Tinie Tempah : I’ve heard his name before, but never really paid attention to his sounds. Well, I still can’t really tell much about it.
    > The Wanted : uhm, I’m sure this is a leftover from last week. (Mediocre boy band pop music)


    Most played artists:
    > mr.tinoforever : his EP “Call To Arms” is still growing on me, especially the concept tracks between the 2 main songs. I’m sure “Marching Drum” provides great remix material.
    > Tom Sinclair : among the “number EPs” (1 to 5) are so many gems. I tend to forget that.
    > Roxette : ooh, expect this band to appear here more often, because I’m really in love with some tracks of the new album “Travelling”. …
  • Picture

    23 Jan 2012, 19:09 by fm014


    you are just weeks away from a new theme logo, that practically says...
    Last week in (a few) covers
    Noteworthy: well, just take a look at the...


    Most played artists:
    > Paola & Chiara : yeah, basically I was just in the mood for simple pop tunes with “soothing” voices. Tada! Flashback perfect. ^^
    > Tom Sinclair : well, you know, when I get to recommend his album “Rush”, I feel the need to give it another spin. And that actually did happen last week.
    > Tom Lüneburger : oh, so here I have a “new” artist, that I haven’t heard before last Friday. True fact. I went to his concert without knowing any of his songs. I just watched his supporting artist Lee MacDougall on YouTube and thought that alone would be worth it. And actually it would have been - Lee is a one man show you should not miss. …
  • Something Special

    9 Jan 2012, 19:14 by fm014

    So here’s where my year 2012 in music starts. Welcome.
    Last week in covers:
    > solfall : tbh I just wanted to give his second album another try after a long hiatus. So I can now say once more that some tracks are nice.
    > Michael Nyman : I needed some chilling piano tunes at work. So that’s that.
    > Shania Twain : ooh, and this one was just for fun, when I decided to listen to her “Up!” album (red/pop version, of course).


    Most played artists:
    > Tom Sinclair : it was all about “Rush” last week. I was kind of shocked I never really got to play it at home. That thing changed for sure. :-)
    > Tina Turner : sweet memories. It actually started with a late evening when I looked at my music library and I found that live album from her latest tour (2009). I only listened to “What You Get Is What You See” and it gave me the chills…
  • My year 2011 in music

    2 Jan 2012, 22:54 by fm014

    Welcome to this special
    Normally I would now reminisce about my last week in music. But trust me when I say that there ain’t been much to discuss (apart from the fact that I listened to PlayRadioPlay! a lot).

    So this time I’ll focus on the last year instead - my artists, my songs, my albums of 2011. It's all stats!

    20> Kylie Minogue (223 plays) : It took me some time, but I now kind of like her latest album “Aphrodite”.
    19> Britney Spears (237 plays) : Though her album “Femme Fatale” was well produced, only the hit singles really mattered to me.
    18> Avril Lavigne (241 plays) : Her latest album is still somehow “meh”, although there are a few good tracks on it.
    17> The Sounds (242 plays) : Lovely band - and I saw them live!
    16> Glee Cast (243 plays) : Their cover versions got me to listen to music that I might have missed.
    15> Owl City (362 plays) : The new album was very disappointing.
  • Your Reputation

    12 Dec 2011, 15:49 by fm014


    you wouldn’t believe what a week I’ve had. Anyway.. this is about the music, which is why I call it
    Last week in covers:
    > William Shatner : whoa, I know what you might think. I even couldn’t explain it to myself. But I was really interested in this kind of “trash music”. His version of “Bohemian Rapsody” (song and video) is partly an abomination and partly hilarious.
    > The Naked And Famous : Re-visited their debut album and it still grows on me (apart from the 4 tracks that I already love).
    > Jennifer Lopez : Believe it or not, I actually like “On the floor” now. How did this happen? oO
    > Gypsy & The Cat : deffo worth checking out. “Gilgamesh” is a pretty sweet indie album.
    > Taio Cruz : Oops! That must be a mistake. Did I really hear so much from his latest album? If that’s the case, I’m good at forgetting. ^^


    Most played artists:
  • Overjoyed

    5 Dec 2011, 19:06 by fm014


    there’s not really an introduction for this week’s
    Last week in covers:
    > Hard-Fi : most of their new songs are still growing on me.
    > Hans Zimmer : we had a few stressy times at the office. That’s why Inception score was welcome.
    > Nickelback : the new album isn’t so bad after a few spins.
    > Hey Hey My My : re-visited their sound, but I remembered it differently.
    > Alice Cooper : there was a good review of his latest album. So I thought I should give it a try (the Ke$ha feature was just a bonus). I didn’t expect it to be so catchy.


    Most played artists:
    > Eddplant : yeah, another youtube related artist on my playlist. And with his latest release (an acoustic EP) he even made it to the top spot. I really like his voice. And I’ve seen him live. :-)
    > Tom Sinclair : oh, look who’s back again. …
  • Killer Sounds

    29 Aug 2011, 18:02 by fm014


    remember when I wrote about setting up a new profile image? Yeah, that is still a “to do” for me. But now back to the usual:
    Last week in covers:
    > David Guetta : I’m surprised how much I like his new album o.O
    > Hard-Fi : wow, this band is actually really good. I tried their latest album “Killer Sounds” and it’s amazing.
    > Elton John : well, tbh I had some of his songs on my sleepy time playlist...

    And that is also why this week’s song stats are a bit messed up. But anyway: Stats!

    Most played artists: (what a coincidence)
    > Tom Sinclair : I read that there’s a new album on the way. One word: anticipation! :-) In other news: do yourself a favor, visit his bandcamp page and treat your ears with some amazing tunes.
    > Tom Milsom : so yeah, there was this incident when I decided to catch up on his discography which left me partly stunned and partly “sobering”. …
  • Betchya Got A Cure

    13 Jun 2011, 13:21 by fm014

    Good afternoon,

    finally a holiday that I can use for this
    Last week in covers:
    > Bruce Springsteen : I revisited his latest album with a collection of cover songs and b-sides. But tbh I like his newer songs better somehow.
    > Andrea Corr : There’s a new album by this lovely singer, which features a selection of cover versions. A few tracks are really nice, so I kept them on heavy rotation for a while.


    Most played artists:
    > Tom Sinclair : I recently saw a live session video by this young artist and it’s amazing. Meanwhile we continue to enjoy his tunes at the office. ^^
    > Simon Curtis : I was happy to learn that he has released a new album. The first spins were not as catchy as I expected, but I’m eager to give it another try.
    > Stanfour : I’m now following them on Facebook. Hopefully there’ll be news about working on new songs and stuff like that. ^^