• 15 Flawless Albums

    11 Jun 2007, 00:29 by magicmaid

    This will be my first journal entry, and I thought it was a good way to start off. Blatently stolen from the latest group I just joined, Born in 1971 and posted by robertc64.
    Which albums out there are, in your opinion, flawless? This means that every single track is decent and you can listen to every track individually and they sound good or you can listen to the album all the way through and it sounds great.

    I'm going to attempt NOT to cheat and use greatest hits...so wish me luck.

    Bloodletting I fell in love with Concrete Blonde when I discovered this in college. I listened to this over and over, all the way through. I never skipped a single track. I think Tomorrow, Wendy is my favourite track, but it's hard to pick.

    Full Moon Fever MAN. I Labsolutely adored this, I had this on cassette and then finally got it on cd....so was amused by the "Hello CD listeners" snippet. I can't pick a favourite, but two to check out are Yer So Bad and Love Is A Long Road.