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Buzz Out Loud (affectionately abbreviated "BOL" by fans) is a daily technology podcast produced by CNET. The show stars CNET editors Tom Merritt and Molly Wood, and until recently, former producer Veronica Belmont, who in addition to producing the show, became co-host in 2006. Veronica left Cnet in July of 2007 to pursue other career interests; the show is currently produced by Jason Howell. In its public debut on April 29, 2005, the show promised to deliver 5-or-so minutes of Tom & Molly's take on tech news every second day, but has evolved into 30 minutes of the latest tech news and commentary on a daily basis. Buzz Out Loud has been featured on iTunes' podcast page numerous times and has been recommended by sites like Engadget.

The show also occasionally features interviews; initially, these were integrated as a part of the show, but have since been spun off to their own line of programming due to listener requests. Special guests in the past have included Kevin Rose of digg.com and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Sometime in November 2005, the show gained Earthlink as a sponsor. This marked the beginning of a period of continuity for the show, as almost all of the episodes have featured the trio of commentators. The exceptions of which usually involve one of the commentators being unavailable to record due to business trips, sick days, or vacations. In late March 2006, Buzz Out Loud switched to a new Earthlink sponsorship, having 11 different ads instead of the previous 1.

On occasion, the Buzz Out Loud crew will record live shows at special technology trade shows, such as CES and MacWorld done in January 2006. These live shows include a live audience, comprising fans of the show, and discussions on the different products that the commentators have been able to examine. The show has also expanded to include a special video podcast of the Snakes on a Plane premiere at the AMC theatre in San Francisco.

The crew recently celebrated the 500th episode, which featured a fictional but humorous "500th Anniversary" episode, celebrating "500 years of Buzz Out Loud".

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