• Recent Release by Reverend Benn Schipper

    30 Aug 2006, 14:42 by privatelektro

    In Summer the first full length Release by REVEREND BENN SCHIPPER are released online trough the label.
    Under the Titel: "Dance Music For Shitheads With The YY Chromosome" including Rape-RMXs of early 90ties four-track recordings by Riefenstahl (not the one who are included here in Last FM) & Call Ov Stihl. Schipper was also a member of the early Column One and Tollwut. The Sound referending on music, with a extensive use of guitar samples, electronical re-worked. In fact its hard to describe what the sound definition is.. Some Tracks I would say are infected - some are more with a slow rolling bass. But mostly the sound are no Glitch or pure Electronica, it is something inbetween.
    But most impressive is also the printable 16 page colour Art-Work for your pleasure and full of strange pictures and symbolistic adventures, great graphic and a strange manifest by the artist. One can see it a "" or "dark" artwork with a lot of irony inside.
  • .... blubsbärchen ....

    23 Jun 2006, 23:44 by killerblau