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  • this fucking track
  • toddtastic
  • Favorite track from Something/Anything?...yes, today anyway...
  • Hey, spot on, plaidsheep. Golden track.
  • Beautiful little pop song. I can totally hear where Boston might have picked up some influence from this tune :)
  • what a feel
  • I almost can't believe that this was actually released a couple months BEFORE Big Star's #1 Record.
  • Love him....saw him many times
  • One of the all time greatest power pop tunes!
  • sgchili, I think you have something there - especially listening to the first bars of the song!
  • I think the band Boston was inspired by this song. Listen to it again with that in mind.
  • Great song!!!!!!!
  • he pretty much raised tylers daughter :)
  • Power pop at its finest. Incredible
  • What an absolutely brilliant power-pop song! Rundgren can do so many different styles well!
  • mstax, I once requested a song by Roshambo that I told the d.j. reminded me a little of Todd. She didn't like Roshambo, it was a new release then and she wasn't big on it, but she told me she'd see what she could do. She played this instead. I couldn't say she didn't do me a solid, because this is a great song.
  • My favorite Todd song--and there are many, many of those!
  • Ever hear this on the RADIO? Why not?!?
  • Keep your head and everything will be cool
  • Great song...love it thanks!
  • fantastic track !!
  • "Benidictus........I feel a hauntingly................"Time Was"...interlude,coming on.......Anon..Domini.......Exceptionally periodically,historically,medieval........Encore..Trebien.....~#~#~.Maria......xxxXxxx.
  • I wish you could rake a leaf out of Mr Rundgren@s book Lyrically correct.....
  • Wow. As good as I remember it!
  • This sounds like Nazz. ;-)
  • One of my absolute favorites from Todd!
  • Crazy tempo, good melody.
  • Haven't listened to this album in a while...Jesus this is a great song.
  • One of the best power-pop songs ever written. Rundgren is really hit and miss but this is fantastic.
  • u betcha!
  • Wonderful song.

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