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  • Avatar for frogjab "This particular mixtape is made up of my earlier work which helped define my sound as a producer."
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    Love this (free) mix:
  • Avatar for cinquefoilz
    legend and best christian music ever made
  • Avatar for Mega_Trancer
    This man is oldschool!
  • Avatar for bibowns
    @sgtducktail You're not getting head from a sexy broad anytime soon buddy.
  • Avatar for sgtducktail
    todds tight but all the jesus shite needs to go. how can you feel moral getting head from a sexy broad when listening to sexy music that all god speak. there is oxomoronity.
  • Avatar for Miguelinooo
    "BBC essential mix" can be downloaded in his Twitter account! Also: new album coming in 2014
  • Avatar for QuintonDempsey
    Prima Edizione is one of the best house albums out there.
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    jesus christ, someone please tell me they have the mp3 of the "harder better faster"/"controversy" blend he did for his BBC essential mix...mashups tend to be such garbage, but the breakdown in this is heavenly
  • Avatar for LOLsharms
    tags: holy house, U-charist garage, 2steeple
  • Avatar for jimenaconjota
    Libera is the best I've heard this year <3
  • Avatar for Unkn0wnumb3rs
    he's on Daft Punk's new album
  • Avatar for chadfunk
    serious vibes
  • Avatar for RisSasha1
    this is my uk garage. alexandr ris1 feat greemas
  • Avatar for RisSasha1
    i love track "never far from you"
  • Avatar for xoveroathx
    Looking forward to this dropping in full next monday
  • Avatar for silverlage
    New Modestep remix...[url=]Show Me A Sign (Todd Edwards Dub Remix)[/url]
  • Avatar for silverlage
    Todd you are king.
  • Avatar for bkm2989
  • Avatar for ChunkyGerbil
    wow i had no cue he released a new EP this month, some fan I am
  • Avatar for ChunkyGerbil
    I admittedly download Todd's stuff, and even then it took me 2+ years to find all of his LPs. I haven't even gone into looking for his singles and EPs because I dread how hard it will be to find them all.
  • Avatar for glitchpanda
    stoked on the new body high release!
  • Avatar for nickylew
    surprisingly underlistened.
  • Avatar for Androstanolone
    I don't manage to know if 'Stronger' sounds more like an gay anthem or an opening scene from a porn movie very aged.
  • Avatar for Androstanolone
    Good gosh.
  • Avatar for Butch_Deadlift
    So fucking good.
  • Avatar for DoctaMario
    And yeah, the Christian messages are creepy, but at least he stands for something...
  • Avatar for DoctaMario
    It's unfortunate that the true innovators don't seem to get as many listeners as those that come after them. But if not for Todd, we wouldn't have great artists like Burial, etc.
  • Avatar for ShishBdish
    Only 17 000 listeners?! Are you serious??
  • Avatar for ChunkyGerbil
    bump for awesome
  • Avatar for eadwinn
    Goddamn, those cut up vocals samples make for some massive hooks.
  • Avatar for eadwinn
    Proto-Daft Punk. And I hope I never hear the hidden religious messages, that'd creep me out. :/
  • Avatar for dmjrecordings
  • Avatar for John_em0
    i have the first CD :)
  • Avatar for ieatallmusic
    despite the creepy religiousness, todd edwards is blowing me away
  • Avatar for africancaribou
    wow this guy blows me away
  • Avatar for darius_m5
    I call him Todd Flanders due to the Christian influence in his songs. But anyways, everything Todd touches is gold. I'm obsessed atm.
  • Avatar for sshann
    Gintare- trance navigation (todds vocal praise) and face my heaven. yep, yep!!
  • Avatar for jcotteri
  • Avatar for Quarantehuit
    One of my favourite remixers out there, never fails, ever.
  • Avatar for Asmodeus1988
    When you wanna end the misery, but you don't know where to begin...
  • Avatar for Taren
    The Hoodwinked soundtrack is amazing.
  • Avatar for johncatapano
    best remix is Pure Pleasure Seeker - Moloko
  • Avatar for tumorsupressor
    @unda_vybe I'm pretty sure he's not gay. Who gives a shit though, like you said - his music is amazing.
  • Avatar for unda_vybe
    NenMaster, he sounds as camp as a row of tents, even so his music is f'ing fantastic. Testify!!!!
  • Avatar for Matty-J
    Todd is the TRUTH!!
  • Avatar for esaruoho
    todd edwards rules. wow.
  • Avatar for NenMaster
    Todd The God Edwards! Hes gay right?
  • Avatar for bartligthart
    the remix of surkin is perfect!
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