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Toby Emerson is an independent producer, DJ and sound designer from Victoria, British Columbia. Being involved with electronic music since 1999, most people will know him for his tracks Raindrops, Falling and Maybe, which all have had a spot in the limelight after being bundled with earlier versions of the digital audio workstation FL Studio. Amongst his works, he has produced tracks for artists such as Canadian singers Freda and Kathy Phillips, and also done various remixes for other artists, such as Ripley & Jenson, Space Manoeuvres and Headstrong to name but a few.

His discography comprise four albums to date: Exodus, Phuture, Aura and Ambient Dreams. The first three were also the three top-selling albums of the former online music destination However, as Ampcast shut down in February 2006, these are no longer available and remain collector's items. The fourth album is left a mystery, but was supposedly intended to be shipped through Odeon Records…

Toby is also recognized for his collaborative acts, namely Solid Inc with Tom Day, and The Afterschool Special with Jon-E Industry. Canadian singer Lauren has also been co-writing along with Solid Inc, lending her voice for a couple of their productions. Together they crafted what became the official What's New? track for FL Studio 8.

Aside from the occasional single, Toby also has a new album in the works, so be on the look for that in the future. Meanwhile, you can drop by the official website, where registered users will get exclusive access to free downloads in the forums.

For all information about the latest releases, news, gigs, etc. see Toby Emerson's official facebook page. New music will be posted for preview at SoundCloud, while signed releases are available for digital download at Beatport and Audiojelly.

For the nostalgic fan, a small selection of older tracks can be heard at BandSpace.

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