• Blue dream

    29 Jun 2013, 04:32 by Angelical_devil

    Years ago, I wrote in this same blog about going to see Avantasia in their first world tour on 2008. I was pretty excited, yet at the last moment my lil devil, with whom I was supposed to go, said he was too tired and well, he's not a fan really. So at the end I didn't go because I didn't want to go alone. I remember I regretted it right away. The reviews said the show was amazing and besides it was supposed to be the only chance to see them live.
    So when I heard at the end of last year that they might be coming again, I was truly wholeheartedly thankful for this second chance. I got the tickets as soon they came on sale.
    I also happen to love The Mystery of Time, so it was perfect and I knew Tobias Sammet had said they'd play tracks from all their albums. As the date grew nearer I was more and more anxious and the only disappointment was that Jorn Lande wouldn't come, though Hartmann did an incredible job in his place.
    The same day of the show I found out my lil devil couldn't make it. …
  • Art & Digression

    1 May 2013, 00:07 by Angelical_devil

    I've wanted to write here in a while, but no time at all.
    I was eager to reflect on Rodrigo Guzmán's promotion. In fact, I wanted to write about how much he has improved over the last couple of years after I saw him on "Zorba". He was amazing!!! Everybody knows I'm a huge Ortigoza admirer since I was a little girl, yet this time Guzmán totally stole the highlight from him. They were both at the same time dancing on stage and I couldn't keep my eyes off Guzmán. This is a first! I've always said when Ortigoza dances everything else on stage vanishes.
    Of course, Ortigoza was still great, just in a really different style, because of the characters, but also because each of them has a very unique dancing style which was perfectly portrayed in this ballet.
    I used to tremble whenever I thought Ortigoza's soon to retire and there was nobody to fill in his place at the company. There are many great male dancers, but there wasn't anyone as dazzling as him. …

    5 Feb 2012, 21:39 by Tibetanmastiff

    One of the best concerts I have ever been to!
    Edguy were amazing and Tobias Sammet's voice is incredible live. He is a great front man, interacting with the audience all the time whilst remaining focused on executing brilliant music. The band played very well too, all quite crazy but making the whole gig great fun!
    Age Of The Joker is a different album to previous ones but I think one of the best, and thanks to an awesome performance in Manchester, I can't wait until they visit the UK again!
    Thanks guys, hope to meet you next time!
    Age of the JokerTobias Sammet
  • Die Scorpions in Dortmund oder das letzte Mal

    28 Nov 2010, 18:28 by Maeldae

    Sa., 27. Nov. – Scorpions, Edguy

    Seit einigen Tagen trug ich eine leichte Erkältung mit mir herum, die natürlich am Sonnabend den 27. November ihren Höhepunkt erreichte. Dieser Tag war allerdings der Tag, an dem die Scorpions in Dortmund spielen sollten. So habe ich am Sonnabend allerlei Hausmittel ausprobiert (inkl. einer extrascharfem Currywurst) und wurde tatsächlich zum Abend hin wieder fit. Ich kam gegen 18.30 Uhr an der Westfalenhalle 1 in Dortmund an. Eine lange Schlange von Menschen stand und wartete auf Einlass. Nach etwa einer Dreiviertelstunde, kurz vor der nominellen Anfangszeit um 19.30 Uhr entschied man die lästigen Personenkontrollen aufzugeben und somit die Schlange zu verkürzen. Schließlich kam ich rein, gab meine Jacke ab und zog vor die Bühne.

    Mit etwas Verspätung fing dann die Vorband Edguy an zu spielen. Vor fünf oder sechs Jahren hörte ich Edguy ganz gerne. Leider konnten sie an diesem Abend nicht überzeugen. …
  • He makes me feel...

    18 Sep 2009, 08:53 by lilac_dream

    А знаете, почему так много девочек от 10 до 100 любят Тобиаса Саммета (Tobias Sammet) ... даже не вслушиваясь в слова, даже вовсе не разбираясь в музыке. просто Тобиас, как совсем немногие мужчины-вокалисты, умеет так исполнить какую-нибудь балладу (для меня это "A thorn without a rose"), что кажется, что он поет ее тебе одной, что написал ее для тебя... и кроме вас двоих в целом мире никого больше нет.


    ... но почему-то ты здесь, а он... он с тобой ровно 4 минуты 46 секунд
  • "Epilogue" on Cleveland's October Kamelot Show!

    12 Nov 2008, 05:43 by sablespecter

    Fri 17 Oct – Kamelot, Edguy

    It's kinda funny how this blogging thing works: you get a few interested readers and then the thing turns into a hungry beast that demands to be fed! I've had a number of people in RL and here waiting patiently for a recap of the Kamelot show - already almost a month ago - and since I already have up the review of Sunday night's In Flames show, I had better get this one up, too, before they pillory me! So here it is, much-delayed. Thanks for waiting & reading!

    I'll get this out of the way first: I hate seeing a show at Peabody's. They CANNOT start a show on time. Or maybe it's just when Kamelot plays there. I've only actually been to Peabody's to see them since I don't generally see the really small club shows. But the last time we saw them, they started really late. We thought that was because Kamelot had had problems getting their gear to town, but this makes twice. My buddy even called ahead the day before to ask for sure what time the show would start…
  • Top 10 - Best male vocalists

    25 Oct 2008, 22:22 by Cronosmu

    If you can't write like normal people, stay away from this. I don't care if in this list is not your favourite overrated glam rock singer, or the even more overrated Bruce Dickinson. Then, if you don't even know who are the guys, do the world a favour by not showing your stupidity complaining about these vocalists.

    1- Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth)
    Not much to say about him. He's beyond reality and Chuck Norris.

    2- Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot)
    Too epic to be real. Tuomas Holopainen was inspired by Åkerfeldt's grace when he decided to join Marco to Nightwish.

    3- Oliver Philipps (Everon)
    This guy's amazing, but too unknown.

    4- Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia)
    Now he's kinda emo, but also a musical genius.

    5- Andreas Novak (Mind's Eye)
  • 2008-07-10 - Masters or Rock 2008 EXCLUSIVE REVIEW

    18 Sep 2008, 03:36 by dayslypper

  • Masters of Rock 2008 - english -

    16 Jul 2008, 10:08 by dismember

    Vizovice 10. – 13.7.2008

    Czech version!

    I´ve just returned from Masters of Rock 2008 festival. I am full of experiences and now I want to write something meaningful to this topic. I was there for 2nd time, so I’ve got the chance to compare.
    I think, the organization was good, there were no problems. Program wasn’t belated, hygiene according to expectation and refreshment and bier was quite good too. I think, that good job did police, which had some respect and they solved some situation, which helped to better atmosphere.
    There was DOMECZECH, which incited inconsistent opinions. What do you think: Who is bigger murderer? The person, who sells cigarettes or the person, who sells motorbikes? It was quite good made promotion: buy cigarettes and we give you cape and some photos. Buy two others boxes and we give you other presents…smart…
    Masters of Rock is becoming international festival and there is a big problem, because a lot of young people don’t understand English. …
  • Masters Of Rock 2008

    14 Jul 2008, 13:35 by dismember

    Vizovice 10. - 13. 7. 2008

    English version

    Tak jsem se vrátil z letního festivalu Masters Of Rock 2008. Pln zážitků a postřehů teď zkusím něco smysluplného vnést do tohoto příspěvku ;-)

    Byla to pro mě již (a nebo spíše teprve) druhá návštěva ale i tak už mam alespoň trochu možnost srovnávat.

    Co se týče organizace bych řekl, že to proběhlo bez problému. Program jel většinou podle plánu, hygiena podle očekávání, občerstvení a pivo v normálu. Řekl bych, že policie procházejivše campy budila aspoň trochu respekt a taky vyřešila pár situací, které jistě dopomohly k lepší atmosféře, viz. určitá individua u kolejiště...

    Dále pak DOMECZECH, jenž budil rozporuplné názory. Co si myslíte: Kdo je větší zabiják? Ten kdo prodává cigarety nebo ten kdo prodává motorky? Určitě to byla velmi dobře udělaná reklama: kup si cigarety a my ti dame plaštenku a nejakou fotku...kup si dalsi krabičky a mas tady jeste další dárky...mno jak vychytralé...