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the best stalker song ever.

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  • Avatar for MathianSim
    This has gotta be their best song, it's a rather grand little dark piece.
  • Avatar for adriannoise
    esta buena la rolla
  • Avatar for noisyhippie
    The Toadies aren't promoting rape culture in their song Tyler. The song gets it's name from the town of Tyler, Texas (where most of the band members are from), and was written about the true events concerning a serial rapist that had plagued the town for a few years. Usually when they play this song live they mention Tyler, Texas as being a really fucked up place. They write the song from the perspective of the rapist to intentionally make it a really wierd and messed up song to listen to, not because they support rape culture in any way. Please try to do some serious research and critical thinking the next time you think something might be promoting negative values. That is not the case in this instance.
  • Avatar for iamntbatman
    Lol? This is a song ABOUT rape, but in no way promotes rape culture. That is, unless you're dumb enough to assume that a song written in first person is necessarily from the vantage point of the lyricist.
  • Avatar for mrgypsum
    how exactly does this song promote rape culture?
  • Avatar for JAYTEEATWORK
    everytime I hear this I keep expecting to hear Happy Face play next.
  • Avatar for xenogamer
    lol these guys are rapist? go fuck your self kid.
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    And she runs through her days With a smile on her face And she runs and she waits And I wait We can drive to any place Day and night to cross the state And in the morning into Mexico We will wake up We will wake up We will, oh yeah, yeah I'll be with her yeah I find a window in the kitchen and I let myself in Rummage through the refrigerator, find myself a beer I can't believe I'm really here and she's lying in that bed I can almost feel her touch and her anxious breath I stumble in the hallway, outside her bedroom door I hear her call out to me, I hear the fear in her voice She pulls the covers tighter, I press against the door I will be with her tonight, yeah I will be with her tonight I will be with her tonight, yeah yeah I will be with her tonight I will be with her, yeah yeah I will be with her, yeah yeah
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    My first listen to this band.
  • Avatar for j2los
    this song promotes rape culture. these guys are literally rapists.

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