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Titi Winterstein

Violinist, 1956 - 2008

After all these years of touring, recordings and concerts, Titi Winterstein has not changed his lifestyle.
He continues to travel by caravan from April to October, following in the footsteps of his father. In memory of the tragedy inflicted on his people by the Nazi regime, Gypsies often gather in a tent to pray … together.

Titi Winterstein was born in Breisgau (Germany) in 1956.
Tokeli his father and his uncle during the war suffered the abomination of the deportation and Nazi camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. They are the only survivors of a family of 50 people.

At 8 years, Titi is learning the rudiments of the violin with his father. It mounts a first time on stage one year later, at a celebration commemorating the end of a gypsy pilgrimage (Illingen, Saarland). He plays the same pilgrimage in 1969 at the age of 12 years, and surprise, dazzled the audience by playing swing standards of Schnuckenack Reinhardt. The latter also record his first album Musik Deutscher Zigeuner two months later.

Das Quintett Häns'che_Weiss
In 1972, things get serious. Weiss Häns'che just form a string quintet and asked Titi then 15 years old to join. The press widely encenser this quintet, and in particular the young violinist now presented as a child prodigy. The quintet is formed, in addition to Titi Häns'che violin and the guitar solo, by Holzmanno and Ziroli Winterstein guitar accompaniment and Hojok Merstein double bass which by his age and his character is also the role of group manager . The quintet recorded five albums before guitarist Holzmanno Winterstein is replaced by Lulu Reinhardt.
These five years with the quintet of Häns'che Weiss have been training for Titi. The group toured much in Europe. One of the most memorable time of their tour was when played alongside the trio of Stéphane Grappelli, concerts ending in wild jam sessions with the two violinists, to the delight of the public.
The quintet's fifth disc, Fünf Jahre Musik Deutscher Zigeuner, won an important award in Germany: Deutscher Schallplattenpreis. At the end of this price Häns'che Weiss left the band.

A quintet another
The Titi_Winterstein Quintett officially created on 14 May 1978 at the "Festival der Jugend" in Dortmund. Titi then to 21 years, and the group welcomes pianist Silvano Lagrène.
That same year produced a 45-minute documentary for television, Saitenstrassen, which shows a portrait of musicians and their families during their summer travel. Titi Winterstein is also his first LP with the harpist Lee Reed invited. A second documentary was filmed in 1979 at the Festival in Darmstadt with the quintet. They also participate in a play in Stuttgart. I raise, the second album was recorded in 1980.
After five years of nonstop touring, the band recorded its third album: Djinee To Kowa Ziro in 1985. The accordionist Klaus Bruder, bassist Peter Gropp and guitarist Reinhardt Geisel (the younger brother of Lulu) joined the group. We may also note the group members are very active in defending the rights of Gypsies and Roma, in particular by advocating a massive movement entitled "Grüne Raupe" defending human rights.
- In 1987, the quintet recorded the beautiful Live mit Vanessa & Sorba Merstein with Vanessa and Sorba Kwiatowski, two musicians from Poland who bring songs Roma in Eastern Europe.
- In 1988, the group appears in the TV series "Tatort" in an episode entitled Arming Nanosh!
- In 1989, they play "World Festival 89" in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
- In 1993, Titi playing with Yehudi Menuhin in a festival in Brussels entitled "All the World's Violins". He was asked by Arte for a documentary on the culture of the Gypsy and Jewish communities.
- In 1994 the album seems Maro Djipen rehear which allows the pianist Silvano Lagrène.
A very good compilation was also released in 1999 (series Starportrait)

- Died June 14 2008

(freely adapted from the liner notes Djipen Maro)

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