• You live in barrels....

    5 Oct 2009, 22:24 by crouchingotter

    You know when you listen to a song and you hear certain words that aren't actually the words in the lyrics?

    Such a thing recently happened when I was checking out two free tracks from a band called Tiny Planets. I'll be honest, the only reason why I was listening to the songs was because a friend of mine from work is in the band. Given that our taste in is very similar for the most part and he has been a key part in my discovery of "new" music along with I figured it wise to give them a listen.

    For example, I wouldn't have listened to Sunny Day Real Estatee if it wasn't for my friend "boyhood_bravery" who's profile you can get to from my page. WIthout finding Sunny Day Real Estate I wouldn't have found Museum, Slut, Blackmail, Ken and some other stuff that I cant seem to recall at this late hour. Not finding those bands would have been a bad thing.

    Anyway, back onto the subject... Tiny Planets have a song called Barrows and as you might expect the word…