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Tino Attila a British born Filipino from East London. Founder of Wild Pack Productions in 1999 & Co-founder of 'Trailblazerz' production team in Summer 2003. DJ/Producer/Rapper out to make a name for himself all over the world, starting with London & Philippines.

Wild Pack Productions was established in 1999 by Tino Attila. It was set up while Tino was working as a DJ in Ilford (Essex, UK) in a nightclub called 'The Venue'. As Dj'ing became more of a chore than any fun, Wild Pack Productions seemed the natural step forward.

"My dream is to hear one of my tracks on a movie or something, or you know playing in the background in a TV series. Blasting out of a car stereo when I'm walking up the high street shopping with my girl. I like many, am searching for that one song that will catapult me into an oblivion of fame, respect and hopefully money (I.. is broke ya know!)."

Tino put production aside to pursue his rap talent again. It was something that he wanted to do for a while but never got a real chance. Being joined to so many groups with so many mind clashes, rapping always seemed to a lost cause. So 2004 Tino Attila began an artist development program and began studying himself on what he could and couldn't do vocally. He then realised that his main downfall for that time was using the English accent in raps which just wasn't working for him. So he reverted back to the US accent that he had started using from way in 1997 when he started. "See I joined a UK Hip Hop group in 2000. I was kind of peer pressured to change my accent to English which I could never really get the hang of. So my angle at that time was to rap angry which got tiresome after a while. So I left the group about a year and a half later. Gaining production skills which I later furthered as I explained above. I know what my strength is and it is this.

Production became the saviour and kept Tino's ear to the ground listening for his inspiration over the airwaves, internet and Satellite TV. Tino the quick learner involved himself into production when he purchased his MPC 2000 in December 2002. This crash course into production opened up Tino's whole world and made him understand music a little more. All of the sudden big mixing decks with the 500 knobs and switches all started to make sense.

Tino's first commercial release was a remix he made for the 'Bhangra Knights featuring Malkit Singh' which was called Punjabi Daze. Being his first bhangra production, Tino decided to flip the original completely with a concoction of eclectic by coming up with a track which a cross between Hip Hop and Ragga mixed with bhangra. It aired on Bobby & Nihal's Radio 1 show in July of 2003, and went on to sell on compilations in Germany for the likes of 'The Ministry of Sound'.

The song then eventually made it on the official single as the 'Sona Family R&B Mix' which is still available online). Worldy Praised by a few, including a few sites on the web due to the 'Kula Karma' CD.

Tino helped form the 'Trailblazerz' production team in Early Summer 2003 and went onto produce for many of U.K and U.S talents. Made up of Tino Attila, Mr Riz, Harry Sona & Ozzy Black. Now known for tearing up the airwaves on Radio 1 and BBC Asian Network with Commercial and underground remixes.

Known for his Neptune's and Dipset style beats Tino brought it upon himself to represent and push out the bangers! Trailblazerz really hit the roof when they were showcased on Westwood, on Radio 1. Tino met the likes of Mark Ronson & Fatman Scoop in his hay day with the Trailblazerz. Taking in all the good advice he could to make him a better all round artist/producer. Album samplers of the 'Trailblazerz Album' are being distributed as we speak and creating quite a buzz in New York & London in A&R offices & Radio Stations. Ozzy Black left the scene leaving only 3 to do the rounds. Which was a disaster because the problem of miscommunication became the downfall of Tino's creativity. He then took it upon himself to leave the group he first started (a year after Ozzy). As part of Trailblazerz before he left Tino became an in house producer for 'Sona Family'. Producing 2 tracks from 'The Family Hustle Mixtape' and backup singing for another 2 tracks (on the same double album).

December 2004 was the time Tino was supposed to go to L.A but the plan changed due to unforeseen circumstances. So a very disappointed Tino Attila started his Mix tape Series. Though the offer of L.A had gone down the drain, an offer to go to the Philippines was extended and the excitement grew once again. Leaving date 27 February 2005 Tino developed Mix tape 1 as work to be distributed in the Philippines while he was there. The CD's went like hot cakes at Krispy Kreme's.

While he was handing out CD's there, others passed his CD around London also. Which made a huge buzz on the streets making half the listeners extend their hands to him. Meeting complete strangers who knew him through other people who had the CD. Meeting people who had the mix tape as mp3 ring tones when he himself didn't have an mp3 compatible phone. It was even a cool substitute for a DJ as it was played all the way through at various parties and clubs.

So he returned in Heathrow Airport 28th March 2005 hating the weather. He then began Mix tape 2 which was all about his exploits in the Philippines.

The mix tape featured popular songs of that time in the Philippines and then some, he remixed and continued making more dubs. Artist such as Billy Crawford (the filipino Justin) & South Border (the filipino N'Sync), 2 very big names at the time! Now this was a CD to impress the Londoners which it sure did. It also went down well with Filipinos as its was entitled "The Filipino Experience". By April/June it was finished and the buzz was crazy!!

On the back of Mix-tape 2 Tino managed to wangle performances at the 2005 Hounslow Barrio Fiesta. The struggle began to take its toll on Tino because he was doing everything by himself, from management/pr/graphic design/sound engineering. DJ Era started a club night at "Club Rose" called 'Slow Down' on Monday nights. For the opening Tino developed a Mix-tape based on the special mixes played on every night. The Mix-tape was called "AWDF Vol. 1", it contained a lot of up front Rap & RnB, plus a few Attila dubs. All the while major requests went out for Tino to do another Mix-tape because everybody loved the others so much. So in September 2005 he began the next in the series, Mix-tape part 3.

Tino met up with Pete Singhfellow (shortly after), a salesman with the gift of gab. Guiding him in the right direction and keeping Attila's business side completely awake. He was the driving force of Judgement Day Records. An independent label they both own and run now.

October 2005 Tino finished his 3rd Mix-tape "Phonetap". This street release was the only CD to be pressed unlike the past 3 projects. From here the buzz become somewhat intense as people came from far and wide to help Tino in his mission to stardom. The CD's were given out at major events including The 2006 Hounslow Barrio Fiesta (London). Straight off the back Tino got a phone call from Sony BMG about a possible signing on a Million pound contract. But the experience went to no avail and the offer fell through. But Tino kept his head up high and began starting a revolution.

Tino recruited the likes of a Jamaican MC by the name of Duke Constantine a.k.a DC Jackel. Brought forward by long time friend Tw?lite. The 3 talented souls started a group by the name of "The League". "The League" or "LXO" short for The League of Extraordinary Man Dem, a playful pun inspired by the movie by the similar name. They went on to make at least 2 albums worth of material set for release in the near future.

In 2005 Tino met Daddy Ray from Philly4Life via the internet. It was Ray that pressed Tino's 3rd mixtape and help make it the success it was plugging it every chance he got. The next year Ray came up with Philly4Life Vol 1, a CD containing raw Filipino talent. Tino submitted his now smash hit songs "Call The Fellas" and "Flex Fillers" by his group The League.

In March 2006 long time pal "R2D2 a.k.a Specks" introduced Tino to Chiller Scheme. A very talented producer from around the same area of East London. They had met before the previous year briefly, at "Slow Down". A night where Tino hosted and performed in a club called "Club Rose". Chiller Scheme was part of a production group by the name of D-Lirious (now known as 'Hot Property'). Known for being around when Grime first started. With the production talents that defy the concept of anyone to ever call it mediocre. The group D-Lirious consisted of Chiller Scheme, DJ Rudenas, Hypnotic & Unique. Shortly after Hypnotic dropped out of the group and the rest continued on, changing the production name to Hot Property. Unique came into the mix a few weeks after the meeting of Chiller, and he too was a wiz on production.

Half turkish and half filipino Unique's mission is to rule the airwaves. With his off the wall break beat fusion the world is in for a shock. As a collective they already had the basis for at least 5 albums worth of material. Tino Attila was the missing link for the 2 producers, he had the vocals they had the beats. They both went on to produce for The League, Tino Attila, Papa Soul & Mestiza (the list still grows). Hot Property somewhat merged with Wild Pack Beats to form "The Shadow Cabinet". The Cabinet consists of Junior Lexus, Chiller Scheme, Unique & Tino Attila (Yes I do beats again!).

Philly4Life came into the picture once again when Ray decided to make Vol 2 entitled "Some More Philly4Life". Bigger than the first and a tad more fierce containing a few more artists. It was widely given around for free at the Philippine Independence Day Party & Barrio Fiesta. It had loads of rave reviews from the filipino community.

Wild Pack Beats was set up by Tino Attila & Junior Lexus early 2006. Lexus was Tino's long time friend since school and had been the person that went with Tino to the Philippines in 2005. He always had the musical ability but decided to stifle it at an early age. But always being around Tino, something had to rub off on him. So within a matter of days and weeks he began producing. With the expert schooling from Tino, Lexus could never go wrong beatwise. Lexus then started University studies and left Wild Pack Beats which left Tino to go at it alone as always. He continued to do joints for Adah Bermudez ("Thanks Daddy" & "The Fool"), Cat C & Himself.

A spot judgement call was made by Tino to let all his other artists to spread their wings and fly. He down sized the artist and producer rosta down to just 3 which were aptly named the Judgement Day Trio. It consisted of Tino Attila, Stamina The Emcee & Adah Bermudez. The year of 2007 was a busy year of the JDR Trio as it was the performance year. Starting with "Grab The Mic" in Hounslow to their most high profile gig at Miss Philippines 2007 in Camden performing their headline track "You Should Be a Model". On the side Tino accompanied his long time pals "Sona Family" on their various UK tours as their back up DJ on stage, in April 2008 they cameo Tino in their music video "Taali" which aired on Channel U and world wide.

In December of 2007 Stamina & Tino released "Halo Halo The Teaser Mixtape" which was pressed as a limited Edition by Daddy Ray of Philly4Life.

Slightly after this Stamina took a hiatus from music altogether to make way for his new born son. Which left Tino and Adah to carry on the magic in the lab.

Tino went on to perform at FilMeFilms' 1st Birthday bash in Holborn and thus attend most of the meet and greets in the Filipino community. Due to a heads up by FilMeFilms, Tino got a spot on "Heavy Rotation" in the states and managed to hit number 2 on their chart with "Don't Lie" featuring Mestiza.

In July of 2008 Tino created "Wild Pack Radio" a 1 hour podcast streaming urban music from UK to the US. The first 2 shows were sponsored by Judgement Day Records and had a wide range of listeners world wide. The idea was sported by DJ Marlino of Heavy Rotation who gave full support to Tino in his Radio endeavour. Since the first show WPR had the cream of the crop of UK DJ's doing special guest spots.. Names such as JC (of Sona Family), DJ Dokio, DJ Free-Key, DJ Quickdraw & Tino Attila, so far…

So peep that show now www.wildpackradio.media.officelive.com

For the very last time Philly4Life stepped to the plate with its last CD compilation. The cover was designed by Tino and Wild Pack Designs which was a rendition of "Skyflakes" the popular craker. The submissions from Tino's side were "Thanks Daddy" by Adah Bermudez, "You Should be a model" by Stamina The Emcee & Tino Attila, "Clip Clap 2" by The League & "Somebodies Mum" by Tino Attila. It was announced as the best compilation so far from Philly4Life with rave reviews from Philippine Generations, New Manila & FilMeFilms.

Tino brought it upon himself to shut down Judgement Day Records in July 2008 due to a lack of interest on his part. Since his support all seemed to do their own thing, so did he. Tino then brought forward his own record label "Wild Pack Records". The transition from JDR to Wild Pack Records was an easy one, now it was like JDR never even exsisted. Look out for his forth mixtape which will be out very soon along with his debut album.

Now multiple projects are a foot so look out for em!!!!

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