• Best of 2012

    6 Jan 2013, 14:17 by sharevari

    This is the list of my top 100 new discoveries of 2012.

    It's a bit of a mixed bag this time but a discernable new trend is a lot of what you might call post-footwork, tracks inspired by the relentless bloody-mindedness of footwork but with a slightly wider palette of sounds and influences. John Maus again features heavily, as I didn't investigate his back catalogue fully until 2012, discovering some real gems. Other major discoveries who are represented with several tracks are Machinedrum, Kuedo and Die Selektion. It also seems I've been listening to a surprising amount of drum & bass. And it's most certainly the first top 100 ever to feature a track from the Eurovision Song Contest!

    Despite not actually doing much active music hunting throughout the year, I had a shortlist of over 200 tracks. I mostly have my great music geek friends to thanks for this, who always keep the Dropbox stuffed (plus this year we started musicgeekclub.blogspot.