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  • I am literally listening to this album for the first time in all these years since I discovered this band. Great to see they are not dead :-)
  • I just discovered this band and am loving the first album. So excited to hear there's new material coming! I started listening to Timeless Miracle at the perfect time :D
  • So next album is in the works! "Voices from the Past" and "Queen of Egypt" will be there, as will a new revealed song "House on the Hill". More to come!
  • Awesome that they are back, hopefully new album this year!
  • Apparently they are going to cover Sonata Arctica's song "FullMoon". I can't wait to listen to it, and I'm so happy they are back. They might even get motivated to make a new album. :)
  • They also have a website up and running:
  • It seems that I'm a little late for delivering the good news... Timeless Miracle is back! :)
  • Alphanymous, you were saying?
  • They have made a new Facebook page and are involved in a Sonata Arctica cover album currently being Kickstarted. They'll be doing a cover of FullMoon.
  • Timeless Miracle are alive.
  • I WANT A NEW ALBUM!!! [2]
  • The band doesnt exist anymore. Sorry.
  • Новый альбом то где?
  • + Memories +
  • Does anybody know, has Mikael Holst participated in any other projects?
  • what happens to this band ?? someone can give me some informations about them , are they still alive
  • Please, an album! It's been 6 years and I'm still not tired of listening to the ItEC
  • Does anybody know if these comments in are true?? If so, it means the band are still alive and working!!! It is one of the best news I've ever heard!!!!
  • The Devil<333
  • So fucking great, wish they release the new album soon...
  • Encyclopedia Metallum lists them as "On Hold" so they haven't officially disbanded.
  • I just google the vocalist name and I found his facebook page though I don't have FB anymore. Anyone here with FB account could ask him about the situation of TM? Here is his profile
  • We all do.
  • Such a amazing debut album. I hope they will return someday.
  • band is dead?
  • nice
  • <3
  • Nice and melodic band! Anyone else noticing the similiraties with Iron Fire - To The Grave album?
  • The singer is just awesome, what a voice! Wish I had a voice like that wow... a lot of time without listen them, it's a pleasure do it again, what a memories : )
  • Timeless Miracle is "on hold" now
  • I miss them.
  • Want to hear more from Timeless Miracle? We do! Show your support and sign our petition:
  • For those still looking for "Into the Enchanted Chamber" in the US, I'd suggest trying I got my copy from that site for relatively cheap ($20.99). Shipping is relatively cheap as well.
  • To point everyone to the facebook group again: show your support to get Timeless Miracle back.
  • Need to re-release "Into the Enchanted Chamber " as it is very hard to find now a days =(
  • Someone knows where to get the demos from Trapped?, Enchanted Chamber, The voyage?
  • Amazing band. Still loving their album so muuuchhh!!!!
  • We need another album asap! :D
  • forty something dudes singing about butterflies & faeries....creepy
  • My life will not be complete until they release a new album.
  • If i could, if i could fly away, i would fly on wings of gold.. Never to return <3
  • Any ideas beside ebay / amazon where to get their album at? both aforementioned sites are in the $30 range for the cheapest sales...
  • V stfu justin bieber fan
  • These guys definitely need to come back from the dead. "Into the Enchanted Chamber" is one of the most promising debut albums I've ever heard.
  • They have a great sound but I really wish they had a happier sound/themes. Curse of the Werewolf is awesome though.
  • Timeless Miracle!!!!! >.< Where are you????
  • Lol I can't really listen to their album anymore since it just makes me realize that we will probably never see that second one.... Anyways, their website seems to be down..
  • They are witches
  • what the heck are these kids up to?


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