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  • Avatar for Jodienda
    Such a great band!!
  • Avatar for simillarian
    God damn Hot Dreams is fantastic work!
  • Avatar for DehmiD
    Never got that feeling again I had on their show last year... These Memories will last forever :)
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    loving the new album
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    damn i missed the berlin show ..
  • Avatar for DarkAndOminous
    I desperately need to see these guys live.
  • Avatar for vals81
    Here photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • Avatar for yourquestisover
    Every once and a while there comes some music you know you'll listen to forever
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    This shoutbox is pretty much dead! Such a great band.
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    Such a Morphine vibe here. Its awesome that I have the opportunity to feel this again!
  • Avatar for TheUglyTuna
    LOVE these guys, each album just gets better and better
  • Avatar for rawen333
    This album is growing on me (2)
  • Avatar for fieldguides
    nbeninger I will sign that petition.
  • Avatar for gold_kudu
    nbeninger you are so right. so right.
  • Avatar for Offino
    love u
  • Avatar for nbeninger
    Who wants to start a petition to get Timber Timbre to score the new season of Twin Peaks? Can someone please send a Hot Dreams LP to David Lynch fucking ASAP?
  • Avatar for Charity_Pierce
    Hauntingly beautiful. Discovered them a year ago around Halloween, but kind of forgot about them until this Halloween season, when I heard "Run From Me" (great song) featured in a preview for the TV horror movie Big Driver. This the kind of music that really sets a spooky, but also dreamy, atmosphere.
  • Avatar for navtweet
    Getting me into the halloween mood.
  • Avatar for bgk90
    getting less Broadcast vibes and more Nick Cave...either way, this new record is smooth!
  • Avatar for chumakamuch
  • Avatar for automatonomous
    would like to know who is opening for them...I believe I'll be going in Ottawa. Hopefully someone that offers a little contrast while retaining a certain continuity. Maybe one of the many bands that will be in Montreal on the days bookending their date in Ottawa? Hint Hint....
  • Avatar for eventseeker_
    Timber Timbre, yes, originated in a timber-framed cabin, has found its way to the front lines of the folk music scene. Read all about the band here:
  • Avatar for p4rol
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    Folk? I thought this was Lambchop.
  • Avatar for jonnylion
    This album's growing on me too
  • Avatar for voredhelion
    Reviewing Timber Timbre's Hot Dreams via @soundsfromthedarksidedotcom
  • Avatar for synulia
    I get Broadcast vibes from a lot of the tracks off the new album.
  • Avatar for LeMortHermit
    This album is growing on me.
  • Avatar for Reckless_Py
    I wanna dance with a black woman
  • Avatar for radiohoofdnz
    I say for now Album of the month!!!
  • Avatar for radiohoofdnz
    Curtains!? a marvelous single
  • Avatar for radiohoofdnz
    Run from me is the perfect track from the album.
  • Avatar for zellij
    Hot Dreams = dat King Crimson mellotron
  • Avatar for Creuxial
    I wanna dance with a black woman~
  • Avatar for Esttefania
    Los Amo Demasiado.
  • Avatar for Slinkster
    I got given the album a couple of months ago and some of the tracks are up there with their best yet. I wrote a little review if anyone fancies a read :)
  • Avatar for sunnydaysforme
    also i got a webrip if anyones interested in a link, just PM me
  • Avatar for sunnydaysforme
    new album sounds amazing. i wish i could download it :C
  • Avatar for Mohammedben
  • Avatar for JonnyFerraro
    @stretts I agree with you on that!
  • Avatar for stretts
    If the rest of the album follows the same atmosphere as Hot Dreams then ima be one happy happy guy
  • Avatar for Lord0eske
  • Avatar for johnonymous
  • Avatar for johnonymous
  • Avatar for no_such_thing
    Very impressed by them
  • Avatar for Lendadal
  • Avatar for lydiapineapple
    Medicinals is so good and creepy ashfjhehgi
  • Avatar for ch2122
    i1m loving it
  • Avatar for povorno
    Thanks Breaking Bad [1]
  • Avatar for Metody89 Veeeery Timber Timbre ;)


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