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There are 12 artists/bands who go by the name Tim

(1) Tim () (full name Timothy Hwang Young Min) is a Korean solo artist from the United States. Born in 1981, he received much training over his childhood years such as vocal, modeling, and playing instruments. (He can play alto sax, drums, and the keyboard). Tim graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA. In April of 2003, He debuted with his first album in Korea under Yejeon Entertainment with the song, "Saranghamnida" (I Love You), and released his second album in June of 2004 under JM Entertainment, entitled "Second Breath" with the hits "Gomawottago…" (I Was Thankful) and "Iyagi" (The Story).

(2) There's a German singer called "Tim". He released one album in 1989: "Modern Guy". (real name: Olli Dittrich, who now is a successful comedian and member of the popular country band Texas Lightning.)

(3) Tim is the name of the vocalist of Portuguese band Xutos e Pontapés, who also has a few solo albums.

(4) Tim is a Dutch MC from the city of Rotterdam. He is a part of the Dutch crew VSOP. In 2005 he released his first solo album called "De Hoogste Tijd", followed by his second solo album "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen" in 2007.

(5) Tim is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo. They have released one demo tape, and are about to release their first album. Their website can be found at www.timrock.net and is mainly in Norwegian.

(6) TiM is a Polish project lead by 2 MC's Turi and Marce. Their music is a mixture of hip hop and ragga with extremly lame/funny lyrics. They're considered as precursors of crap hop genre.

(7) tim is a band from the Swiss capital city, Berne. The band members themselves find it hard to classify their music, but generally it can be said that their sound goes into the direction of German Pop, Rock and Indie.

(8) Tim was a punk band from Vancouver, Canada. They existed from 1996 to 2004 and released 3 albums. Prior to their indefinite hiatus, members included Mike Rousseau, Sebastien Voigt, Mike McKinnon, and Ryan Mountain.

(9) Tim was an indie rock band from Lexington, KY. They released one album in 1998, German Engineering on Vital Cog Records.

(10) Tim is a Dutch singer/songwriter from Enschede.

(11) Tim is a R&B singer, from the 1960's.

(12) Tim is the stage name of Vietnamese pop singer Trần Nguyên Cát Vũ.

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