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  • Avatar for naxr77
    Happy Day... ;D
  • Avatar for vikaskorpion
    I <3 Jesus! :) Greetings from Belarus
  • Avatar for Rasul0303
    I love your music! )) Greetings from Russia
  • Avatar for XDMANISH
    No one have wandered here for a past few years. It's a Shame! All the Christian Artist's are awesone.
  • Avatar for louisaime
    t is alive, believe in her.
  • Avatar for Whelanmk
    Christ in me!
  • Avatar for iik95
    This is really excellent worship!
  • Avatar for kaamilios
    Hello from Kazakhstan! Cool songs for God! I like your work! God bless you!
  • Avatar for josh2fresh check this out :)
  • Avatar for jmmorgado
    I love your music! God Bless
  • Avatar for RedHarryW
    Happy Day!!!
  • Avatar for Ailin1601
    magnificent, especially "Here I'm to worship" and "Day after Day"!!
  • Avatar for chimonsta
  • Avatar for EternalHeroism
    I <3 Jesus! :) great worship music, tim!
  • Avatar for ajtblue
    Christian music topping the UK Charts! - Facebook page Monday 29th March & Saturday 3rd April 2010
  • Avatar for PauloErison
    Thanks God \o/ xD
  • Avatar for Exit-Wound
    It's a real shame he's barely been at Soul Survivor the last few years, he is one of my favourite christian artists. I met him 2006 I think :) Such a strong songwriter, such a heart for worship.
  • Avatar for ajtblue
    tim hughes uk tour info - starting the 21st october 2009.
  • Avatar for KathrynJoanna16
    tim hughes=amazing. i met him at soul survivor 2008 week C. he's so kind. and he's music. Shame he wasn't at Soul Survivor 09 Week B :( aahh well. keep thee fab music up Tim :D
  • Avatar for _s_c_s
    he's amazing i've seen him perform at soul survivor and i'm going there again this year. i love soul survivor so much! it's the best place in the world where i'm most happiest! <3
  • Avatar for CaptinCrock
    Brilliant songs great to just to listen to or to sing at church :-) Fantabulous !!
  • Avatar for jeremy88888
    Vote this pic up
  • Avatar for minimonkeyman
    he was amazing at spring harvest!
  • Avatar for sandrobier
    Tim Hughes is a great guy and musician. It was a great pleasure to meet him personaly. I recommend.
  • Avatar for eligm
    me encanto super bonita graciar por cantarle a si a Jesus me alegra muchonqeu todavia existan personas como tu
  • Avatar for joaoriot
    Hello I want meet new people I am a Brazillian. and i like a lot your songs. I want talk.
  • Avatar for hotbabe123
    this is so the way to go
  • Avatar for gabifrancesrose
    Your music is the reason I found Jesus, I love Him so much, He is my one my all!!!!!! It would be great if anyone could get intouch, it would help improve me faith!
  • Avatar for jeannie82
    consuming fire - a beautiful song
  • Avatar for matheus45
    be glorified........
  • Avatar for Adam_Sandler
    O! Happy Day!
  • Avatar for icarusforde
    awesome music.... love it
  • Avatar for travisryan
    I love this band! Check out some of my tunes and let me know what you think! tR
  • Avatar for malliepallie
    I love his music!
  • Avatar for steveuk1986
    I don't understand the all the anger here. I am an atheist, I really enjoy Tim's music. When people make good music; politics, religion and our created divisions fade away leaving only the beautiful moment of the song. Take off you coats of aggression people and just enjoy music! If you don't like it then fair enough, but don't get angry about it, just go find something that you do like.
  • Avatar for bluetooth38
    Just love the songs by Tim Hughes.
  • Avatar for BrookeMeghan
  • Avatar for gingeral
    Bless all the people who find him offensive, and indeed Him, however much you hate Jesus He still loves you ;-) Fair enough its not heavy but ol' Tim is a cracking song writer
  • Avatar for Nina_Grind
  • Avatar for The_Albion
    Look at the athiests and there silly comments
  • Avatar for Slain666
    anyone who listens to this music... pliz DIE... thank you...
  • Avatar for permarbor
    Yes, it is both on the new album, Holding Nothing Back, and on the Soul Survivor 2006 album.
  • Avatar for Kjersti454
    no its on his latest album.. i think.. i don't really know though :P
  • Avatar for Kjersti454
    If anyone is the proud owner of 'Happy Day'--please PM me?????? thank you!! You see, I've been given the assignment to find it on .mp3 etc for my youthgroup...... and as it came out on album April 3rd...... it's kinda hard.
  • Avatar for Kjersti454
    I just heard the song 'Happy Day'---so fantastic!
  • Avatar for Intoblack
  • Avatar for eschdi
    Seen him last week on tour with delirious. It was awesome. Wasn't sure which was the better part of the concert.. Him playing or the guys from d: :> absolutely amazing voice and personality
  • Avatar for Naive_Simon
    How can anyone say this man sucks? Not only has he wrote some of the best worship music ever, but the man has written the most inspirational and played worship song in churches across America for many years now. I'm not even about to tell you what it's called.
  • Avatar for nerdsrocket
    I've really been enjoying Tim Hughes lately. Kinda came outta nowhere, but I'm a fan. :o)
  • Avatar for supergurg
    he's not that bad guys :P


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