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    this guy is a lyrical genius
  • Avatar for wright_gage
    Hmm. Very different from Rancid, but still very good. I still prefer Lars and the Bastards though.
  • Avatar for fraggle_b
    hi there if you like these have a listen to This Is Seb Clarke they are a really good Northern Soul/Punk 12 piece band xx
  • Avatar for craigsriot
    Good roots shit, better than all this crappy 3rd wave stuff.
  • Avatar for johnroecker
    Hello Kids check out Tim Armstrong's and My new series at our latest project since Live Freaky! Die Freaky! Hope you like it er love it!
  • Avatar for leolnz
    i can listen Into action all day, that girl's voice is hypnotic. Well and Lint's voice is orgasmic ;-)
  • Avatar for byyoutheradio
    do you missed early rancid mid 1990? come & see rancid indonesian taste
  • Avatar for Squeezzle
    I luv his music! One of tha fuckin' best!
  • Avatar for anfieldsquad
    Fuck . you're the best vocalist punk band ever Tim . cheers&beers
  • Avatar for FrankTyrell
    NateTheMoleman, lol :D
  • Avatar for kenobikaht
    INTEL !
  • Avatar for jlaki
    this man is the sexiest punk ever!
  • Avatar for byyoutheradio
    love his writing lyric style on among the dead :) bass line are perfect, my god... the best description than all magazine ever wrote about operation ivy to rancid
  • Avatar for FrankTyrell
    Not better than Rancid, it's not punk, so it can't be better than Rancid :)
  • Avatar for longball2no1
    A Poet's Life - what an awesome solo album. Also really digging Rancid's new one, esp the acoustic bonus songs.
  • Avatar for welker_69d
    jackpot! *-*
  • Avatar for syyntexx
    A lot better than Rancid.
  • Avatar for pukylly
    "Through Music We Can Live Forever" - Tim Armstrong, Rancid...
  • Avatar for slity-shity
    definitely legend of punk rock
  • Avatar for Lucifieri666
    big rancid, operation ivy & transplants fan, first time I listened to his solo stuff didn't like it, but this album grew on me, the lyrics are amazing and the reggae style is tight, you help yourself not to dance or head bop to this.
  • Avatar for Alex_babe14
    Lovelovelove it
  • Avatar for krbec
    I love this guy
  • Avatar for Pulkafettot
    His solo stuff is really awesome.
  • Avatar for Albent
    Among The Dead is fantastic. And is in the 10º godness.
  • Avatar for scrapstrify
    Why is this man so amazing? Love him!
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  • Avatar for G-DOG92
    hold on is great
  • Avatar for gomezeroles
    Tim Armstrong tsssss el hombre mas guapo del mundo o quiza del universo tss es tan sexiii grrrrrrrr
  • Avatar for Dandy-Jon
    such an amazing songwriter!
  • Avatar for teddyrubmyskin
    how much cooler can you get!!!
  • Avatar for Ruby_soho80
    The love of my life <3 xd. Awesome album :)
  • Avatar for gomezeroles
    ese disco como rifa!!!!
  • Avatar for wakethedead88
    total love for Tim and Rancid <3
  • Avatar for the_endcomplete
  • Avatar for Chrisp6825
    Why is his whole album not on the player thing? He released the album for free...
  • Avatar for pashelast
    amazing project!
  • Avatar for fu-sion
    wake up,wake up wake uppppp
  • Avatar for Kikuchi_kun
    me parece un cd genial! y eso que no es que sea un seguidor de la musica jamaicana
  • Avatar for purpleparanoia
    is the best!!! <3<3
  • Avatar for krbec
    I love his music.
  • Avatar for kylelikescoffee
    oi oi oi tim ahmstwong
  • Avatar for hrrrpnx
    хей! послушайте мою группу_интересно ваше мнение (= Пирата
  • Avatar for VampireTibby
    where is a mention about brody dalle? ;/ they were a sweet twosome. (sorry, i'm czech :P)
  • Avatar for xmarcelox
    Excellent solo album
  • Avatar for kIMARN
    agree its abit strange considering the song seems to be about some girl he likes, "im gonna hold on to you for as long as i can, but if you leave me girl i´m gonna understand" But if the lyrics is about that sort of thing i guess its more immportant then the video and one of the better ska albums lately, atleast from the more specials sort of ska
  • Avatar for YogurtJalla
    agree, the "Hold on"-video really disturbed me when I saw it. His solo album is great though.
  • Avatar for rottenimam
    hi tim..... i am an indonesian,,, so nice tobe u'r fans..... i really love u..... you are my inspiration,,,, to keep survive in my fucking life..... cz i hate my fucking dad...
  • Avatar for johnnytwotone
    I'm just here to restate how fucking good his solo record is.
  • Avatar for razz555
    please stop bitching about whether he is a sellout or not, what care is it of yours? he stil writes good music and that's all that matters, speaking of which this solo cd is so awesome which is why i came hear in the first place, to say how i liked it but then there's always those fucks who believe their opinion is right or whatever, if you dont like him why waste your time expressing your hate?


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