• ... and the TIAMAT guitar player is... (+ Setlists)

    14 Mar 2009, 23:27 by SchwesterS

    Tue 10 Feb – Hellhounds Fest

    Sorry, I'm lazy. Have been to this gig for very personal reasons. Have not viewed it for just one second for "intellectual" reasons. Just enjoyed it and the circumstances. So the only information I can give to you here is that the new guitar player for TIAMAT is Johan Niemann. Quite well known for his work at the bass guitar in Therion. And that Jussi 69 still is the hottest rock drummer from Finland. Period!

    Setlist The 69 EYES:
    Framed in Blood
    Never Say Die
    Gothic Girl
    Christina Death
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Stolen Season
    Feel Berlin
    Dance D´amour
    Brandon Lee
    Perfect Skin
    Lost Boys
    L.A. Woman

    Setlist TIAMAT
    Will They Come?
    Raining Dead Angels
    until the hellhounds
    Do You Dream Of Me?
    Vote For Love
    For Her Pleasure
    Brighter Than The Sun
    Wings Of Heaven
    Via Dolorosa
    The Sleeping Beauty
  • The Gothic Beauty

    2 Mar 2009, 22:32 by Neuronix

    Sat 28 Feb – Hellhounds Fest

    A day after having seen Anathema in Dublin it was time for a double headline show in Zoetermeer. However, before the headliners there were another two bands to see in de Boerderij.

    Dutch gothics Asrai opened the proceedings. It was a pretty OK show. The music was a bit too much of the same for my liking, but certainly not bad and well performed. Which is something that can hardly be said about Ava Inferni. An anonymous band with a middle aged woman who looked as if she came straight from a Mediteranian restaurant or something. That she arrived on the stage "mystically" carrying a candle didn't really help to set the tone and her operatic howling over the thirteen in a dozen power gothic metal was far from convincing. The songs were long winded and really going nowhere.

    Thankfully things took a turn for the better after that when The 69 Eyes came on stage. While the hall had been quite consistently filled before, a split between 69 Eyes fans and Tiamat fans became a bit clearer now. …
  • Tiamat. 21.11.2008. Точка

    22 Nov 2008, 19:03 by gewissen

    Fri 21 Nov – Tiamat

    "When Nature calls we all shall drown..."

    Vote For Love
    Children Of The Underworld
    To Have And To Have Not
    Raining Dead Angels
    Whatever That Hurts
    I Am In Love With Myself
    In A Dream
    Phantasma De Luxe
    Wings Of Heaven
    Do You Dream Of Me?
    Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
    As Long As You Are Mine
    Via Dolorosa
    Brighter Than The Sun
    Cold Seed
    The Weeping Song (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)
    The Sleeping Beauty

    Это замечательно, когда желание послушать вживую ту или иную муз.группу совпадает с приездом этой группы в Россию. На сей раз такими счастливцами оказались Tiamat. До этого они уже побывали в России в 2002 и 2005 годах. В 2002 я не знала, что такое музыка. В 2005 я была знакома с группой поверхностно, в основном благодаря видео на песню Brighter than sun ("что это за лысый дядька с черными ногтями и подведенными глазами?"). На сей раз я была готова и даже более того - с нетерпением ждала. …
  • .Tiamat

    22 Nov 2008, 07:44 by lameh

    Собственно, давно хотелось попасть на концерт Tiamat, причём в любом месте мира. Хорошо, что не пришлось ехать особо далеко...

    Лично я до вчерашнего дня ни разу не был в этом известнейшем месте Москвы -- клубе "Точка". Ну, впечатления от расположения и вида, конечно, были странными, но достаточно неплохими. Наверно так оно и должно выглядеть.
    Количество народа, полагаю, тоже соответствовало. В клуб пропускали группами, при этом постоянно призывали не задерживать толпу и заранее готовиться к досмотру. Охрана была достаточно вменяемой, на мои дурацкие шутки реагировала вполне спокойно, что приятно, хоть и непривычно.
    К сожалению, по ряду причин опоздал на самое начало концерта и не застал одну из любимейших песен Vote For Love. Тем не менее, группа порадовала исполнением почти всех своих хитов; жаль только, что второй альбом оказался обойдён вниманием... Эдлунд показался достаточно... эээ... откормившимся. То есть это уже не худой измождённый товарищ, каким он предстаёт в клипе "Cain"…
  • tiamat review

    24 Sep 2006, 07:41 by ilyawh

    i went last night to see Tiamat, live, unfortunatly at the same place i saw Lake of Tears. if anyone read that review, you might remember i complained about being hot and smokey and hardly able to breathe. same here. but, just like then, the concert was definitely worth it. although i do wish i won't have to go there anymore.

    as openers, two romanian bands. the first, Kratos was a complete mess. they were trying to immitate Nightwish, and they did it badly. they did have some sound problems, but to the end, they had a set of songs that sounded exactly the same. kinda boring.

    next was a band called Grimegod. they were somewhat of a speed/trash metal band. not my style, however, i must say i was impressed. not necessarilly by the music because, as i said, it's not my style, but by the dedication. the lead singer was so involved in what he was singing (and i couldn't understand *what* he was singing) that i couldn't help but get involved myself. …
  • Seguridad en un sueño

    18 Jan 2006, 16:30 by KronenR

    "...because in my dreams I rule my life..." The Sleeping Beauty

    Es en los sueños donde somos los amos, porque allí puedes volver a jugar como si le echaras nuevas monedas a la máquina. Si solamente pudieramos transferir ese poder al jodido mundo de los despiertos.
    Pero no todos los sueños son perfectos o incluso algunos quieres repetirlos, así q solo te queda aprender a manipular tus propios sueños, de esa forma quizás podriamos hacer de los sueños una realidad. Vivir nuestra propia realidad y controlarla... es posible, hay gente q nace con ese don.
    ¿Podríamos aprender nosotros esa técnica? Quizás... quizás incluso podriamos mirar en el sueño de otra persona, viendolo todo desde los ojos de quien sueña, un poco de "¿Como ser John Malkovich?" en todo esto, o quizás a través de un espejo... sí, eso es, al fin y al cabo los sueños son solo un reflejo.

    "Do I have the force I need to break into your dreams?" Do You Dream Of Me?

    Sueños Lúcidos