• The Path To Musical Evolution 1.1.0: A Mish-Mash Of Sorts Pt. 2

    3 May 2009, 19:23 by Kronetong
    DISCLAIMER: The following text is probably rife with errors and bad taste.

    Of course, one can not expect a fan of a musical style to always start with the originator's of a genre. As such, I've also been delving into these fellows and what they've since become. Some weeks ago I discovered 's Mysticum, one of the oldest originators of the style. Sadly, I find myself biased - I only seem to enjoy In the Streams of Inferno. It is partially at fault for my inability to truly love the rest of their work as well, as nothing seems to top it's ferocity. Similarly, people have such an issue with Godflesh. Their debut album Streetcleaner seems to be untoppable to many of their detractors. I admit that I love Streetcleaner much more than Slavestate, for example. But is it our nature to merely try and dwell on what we liked best rather than accepting something new? The two albums sound nothing alike…