• Playlist for the scumbag who hacked my account

    21 Jan 2008, 19:59 by istanbul

    A month ago, someone hacked my account and created mayhem for a couple of days. He sent friend requests to around 100 people, sent obscene messages to other users, became best buddies with a German neo-nazi and earned a formal warning from last.fm staff for his comments in the G-A-Y group.

    Although I am tempted to give him a thorough pacifist imaginary beating, I've confined myself to putting him through what I consider to be the seven trials of music - a playlist composed by the most painful music around. If I ever get hold of the intruder, this is what he will have to endure:

    1. Overrated noise that is supposed to be Great Art and consequently makes you feel like an idiot

    Liars - Leather Prowler: 4:28 minutes of someone strumming a balalaika out of tune in a phonebooth while someone is banging on the door with a half broken transistor radio while imitating the ghost from a Stephen King movie.

    Thurston Moore - Free Noise Among Friends: Someone tries to start a chainsaw. After 36 seconds, he seems to succeed.