• Minus The Bear @ Triple Rock

    17 Sep 2005, 01:09 by sansbloomfield

    A City on Film played first, I had never heard of them before yesterday. Apparently three of their members are also in Felix Culpa, but who cares about boring emo-drone shit anyway?
    I stood front and center for Thunderbirds Are Now! because they ROCK SO HARD, and this show did not disappoint. They played a new song (might have been two), either way the new stuff doesn't diverge much from old stuff, but that's far from being a bad thing. I'm pretty sure they opened with Bodies Adjust and played Eat This City second. Overall it was much nicer to see them in such an intimate setting after having seen their set at Intonation that made me love them in the first place.

    These Arms Are Snakes were INSANE. The lead singer moves in such a way that hints at his past life as a bird being strangled to death by a snake. Song highlights were mostly from This is Meant to Hurt You, namely Riding The Grape Dragon and Diggers Of Ditches Everywhere. Fucking awesome set.