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  • Kyonil


    last month
  • tonyhibbertshoe

    I never noticed the description before. Its awful.

    last month
  • cordialatron

    fucking christ, that description is one of the worst things i've read lately

    May 2014
  • tokyochorus

    death after life iii hnngggg

    March 2014
  • EnderFoShowYo

    pretty cool album.

    March 2014
  • no-thanks


    March 2014
  • MyNameIsEno


    February 2014
  • optimistic_tour

    wow, I'm really enjoying Death After Life. Only heard one track by him before that didn't impress me nearly as much.. and indeed, Software has yet to disappoint!

    February 2014
  • mvjstrikes

    death after life is pretty cool

    February 2014
  • AFatalCure

    cyber-punk alternate reality

    February 2014
  • sabrage

    Wait, Denver?

    May 2013