• July: 13 Album Reviews

    30 Jul 2007, 19:20 by nicebutnubbly

    New format for reviews, even though I’m pretty sure nobody reads these anyway – I can indulge my inner control freak if I want to, damnit. I added a “kept” and “rating” function, just based off my iTunes process. “Kept” is, of course, the percentage of tracks I didn’t delete. “Rating” is a 1-4 scale; 1 is deleted tracks, 4 is heavy rotation. This still isn’t wholly accurate – I am hoping to move to a 5-star rating system soon, that will let me differentiate the “okay if I’m in the mood for it/unobjectionable” from the “interesting – let’s see if it grows on me” a little more effectively. The reviews are still a better indicator of what I really think about the albums, natch.

    CaesarsPaper Tigers
    Left ratings sheet at home.
    WTF, GraceNote – this is not electronica. It’s indie rock. I could have lived without this album – I bought it because I really liked the two songs I’d heard, and it turns out I really liked those two songs, and some of the others are okay. …